Food, glorious food (the best restaurants)

The latest  list of “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” has now been published, and here are my short comments on those that we — my wife Jan and I — have enjoyed.

The most beautiful of our dishes at El Celler de Can Roca.

Ranking No. 3 worldwide this year was El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain. When we ate lunch there with friends in September 2015, however, the restaurant was ranked No. 1. You can rediscover our experience by checking out my postings for October 3-6, 2015 (yes, a four-part series), which culminated in “The World’s Best Restaurant — the finale.”

Ranking No. 4 this year was Mirazur, in Menton, France. When Jan and I ate lunch there with friends, Mirazur was ranked No. 6, so it’s moved up. In terms of what I remember about the food, and the location (a beautiful view down towards the Med), it is truly a superb restaurant. Sadly, when we lunched there, the service was atrocious — we were served by a number of young people who seemed to be brand new to the whole restaurant concept. Too bad, because otherwise it would have been great.

At No. 80 this year (yes, I know, that’s higher than 50, but in fact the list goes on to No. 100) is Le Cinq in Paris. When we ate dinner there, it was over-rated as a Michelin three-star (it’s since been reduced in the Michelin firmament). For a variety of reasons, including overly touchy-feely staff and some loud tables, we didn’t really enjoy our meal.

At No. 96 this year is Epicure in Paris, where we’ve had lunch twice. (Check out my posting of August 31, 2014.) Very good, very formal, a bit too stiff, but still excellent.

Finally, at No. 85 this year, we find Belcanto, in Lisbon, Portugal. We had lunch there this year on February 24th (a date I remember well, as it’s my birthday). You’ll just have to wait for my review — I know, I know, but I’ve been busy, and I want to do the place justice. But this just may have been the best meal ever.

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2 Responses to Food, glorious food (the best restaurants)

  1. Paul says:

    you might be interested in this review of Le Cinq by Jay Rayner in last weekend’s Observer newspaper (suffice to say he really did not like it!)

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