Good-Bye to All That

His name was Scooter, but we often called him Scootie, or Scoots, or even the unlikely Scootifer. If I asked my wife Jan “Where did he go now?”, she knew who I meant.

Scooter was from Toronto, but he travelled with us to Daglan when we left Canada in the summer of 2010. That involved a transatlantic flight to Paris; a night in our favourite Paris hotel; a long train journey to Brive; and then a drive down through a tourist-packed Sarlat to reach Daglan.

First in Toronto and then in Daglan, he was with us for more than 13 years in all, and he became an important — and often quite visible — member of our family.

He wasn’t the best communicator; his noises tended to be the same regardless of whether he was hungry, or wanted to be petted, or needed to be brushed, or wanted someone to clean his box. He did purr very well, however.

He could be quite infuriating. We were never very thrilled, for instance, when he would wander around our bedroom at 4 a.m. or 5 a.m., wailing. We also were not amused when he would suddenly pivot to bite your hand while you stroked him gently and he purred contentedly.

He seemed to know instinctively when visitors were friends of ours. Then he would hop onto their laps, and drape himself over one of their legs, in a pose reminiscent of a jaguar draped over a tree branch in the jungle. In this photo, he is seen lying on Jan’s lap:

Looking rather regal.

In later years, he became arthritic, and limped around the house. His favourite spots for snoozing were in front of the fireplace, or on a mat under a radiator in the bathroom.

Now we have had to say good-bye to all that. Late yesterday morning, Scooter was put to sleep by our vet in Gourdon, as the signs of severe kidney failure had become increasingly apparent: listlessness, complete loss of appetite, and disturbing results from a series of blood tests.

So Scooter is now at peace. As for us, we are feeling pretty sad.


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14 Responses to Good-Bye to All That

  1. Samandjill Hershfield says:

    Chuds, Very sad about your loss of “Scooter/Scootie/Scootster/Das Scootsmuffin”.

    We remember him fondly.

    ​ But we do think we remember a very colorful potential replacement in Daglan

    ​ Condolensces. Should we inform Froggy?


    The Hersheys

  2. John Ison says:

    Adieu, mon ami. J’ai apprécié nos petites visites.

  3. Kevin and Shirley says:

    We are very saddened to read today’s blog and offer our sincere condolences. Scooter (aka ‘the leg warmer’) will be fondly remembered. We hope you can take comfort in your lasting memories of Scooter and in the fact that his suffering has ended. You provided Scooter with a wonderful and exciting life for which he is very appreciative (hand bites aside). With love and comforting hugs. Kevin and Shirley

  4. Ian Rosner says:

    So sad to hear about Scooter – the girls loved playing with him when we visited you a couple of years ago around the time of the festival – sorry for your loss, and apart from that we hope you’re both doing well – we’ll be back!

  5. Dan and Nesta Walters says:

    Our condolences goes out to you. We know exactly what you are going through having had to say our good byes to similar loveable pets in the past, however it never is a great experience. You gave him a wonderful home and having had the priviledge of having been a guest on whose lap he sat I can confirm just that!
    All our love from a sunny albeit very dry Cape Town.

    • loren24250 says:

      Thanks, Dan and Nesta. I think yours was among Scooter’s Top Ten Laps! I’m sure he was able to pick up the “vibes” from real animal lovers. All best wishes from Jan and me. (By the way, we had a great time with Gerhard and Elisabeth a short while ago. We’ve almost recovered!)

      • Dan and Nesta Walters says:

        Indeed I believe so, having only just (15 minutes ago) been brought up to date on all your activities in the places we love so much. Thanks for a wonderful blog. Looking forward so much towards sharing time with you again during September next.
        Love, Dan & Nesta besta, your duet partner during Kings in a corner!!!

  6. Dr L R Walters says:

    So sorry to hear this Loren, never easy to loose “family”! Thinking of you,


  7. Elisabeth says:

    We will miss him so much! RIP Scooty xx

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