Thrills (and possibly spills) in the hills

Most of us like our sidewalks, paths, streets, roads and highways to be smooth. But there is at least one group of riders who prefer their roads to be rocky: the cyclists who ride cross-country (with a lot of downhill runs), on what are sometimes called mountain bikes.

And they’re coming (again) to the Greater Daglan Area, or GDA.

Less than four kilometres from downtown Daglan is a hill near the village of Saint-Pompon, and it’s one of the main sites for a key event in the 2017 Coupe de France VTT (for Vélo Tout Terrain, or all-terrain bikes).

The Coupe is actually a series of five rounds, and XC No. 2 (at Saint-Pompon) will take place on the weekend of April 15-16. This marks a return to Saint-Pompon, as the races weren’t held in the area last year.

So, what does it look like? Well, actually, it’s pretty scary. Here’s a photo of the hill taken this morning, with earth movers in the foreground:

Adding the finishing touches.

It looked to me like the earth movers were adding the finishing touches to the final run at the bottom of the hill. Here’s how the path down the hill looks:

The path is anything but smooth.

As for the riders, they face some pretty tough going. Here’s a photo from one of the races in the spring of 2012, taken from my posting of May 28, 2012, cleverly called “VTT comes to the GDA”:


He’s made it almost to the bottom.

So if this is your kind of action, the place to be is this hill just outside Saint-Pompon in a couple of weeks. As for us, we’ll probably be dining somewhere instead. Smoother going.

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