Flower power, 2nd edition

Just about a year ago (March 20, 2016, to be precise) I posted “Flower power” to herald Daglan’s first Fête du Printemps, or Spring Festival.  And now my wife Jan and I are busily getting prepared for the second edition of the Fête, which takes place in our village tomorrow (Sunday, March 19).

(Okay, we’re not actually “busily getting prepared.” But we have talked about it, and do plan to buy some flowers and other plants for the front of our house.)

The festival is pretty much a village-wide flower and plant market, with stalls all over the place. There will also be some displays, and a lunch of stuffed chicken in the village’s Salle des fêtes. (The lunch costs 20 euros for adults, and 10 euros for children. To reserve, call 05 – 53 – 28 – 41 – 16.)

Here are just a couple of photos from the 2016 edition to show you the kinds of offerings that will be available:

Plants, flowers, shrubs — you name it.

For sale, trees and shrubs.

Also taking place tomorrow, at the side of the village church, will be the inauguration of our new Stèle de la Paix, a small  peace monument dedicated to the memory of the combatants and the victims of the battles in North Africa and Indochina (Viet Nam) in the years 1946 – 1962.

The ceremony starts at 11:30, and will be followed (of course) by a vin d’honneur at the Salle des fêtes. [Late news: A notice for this event said it begins at 11:30, but an email newsletter from our Mayor’s office said it will start at 11. Go figure.]

And now, as the saying goes: “It’s time to watch some rugby.” (The Six Nations tournament ends today.)


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2 Responses to Flower power, 2nd edition

  1. James Douglas Curson says:

    Great to read your blog again – thought perhaps you’ld given up!

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