Memories, and current events (March 2017)

We are back home in Daglan after a wonderful trip to Lisbon, our first visit to Portugal. We came back with some lovely memories, which I will be writing about more fully in the coming days.

But for now, suffice it to say that our memories include: our first meal at a restaurant trimmed with barbed wire; possibly our best meal ever (at a quite different restaurant); a stunning market-cum-restaurant that other cities should copy immediately; a twisting, winding trip up and down the hilly streets of old Lisbon, with some amazing views; and the re-discovery of how much I like Negroni cocktails.

Just for a quick taste, here is one photo we took as we looked out over Lisbon on a somewhat misty morning:

Looking down on Lisbon's tiled roofs.

Looking down on Lisbon’s tiled roofs.

As always, there were some things about Daglan that we missed while we were away, despite the fact that we were ensconced in a quite wonderful five-star hotel.

Interestingly (perhaps) my wife Jan and I agreed that what we missed most was hearing the church bells that go off near our Daglan home every hour on the hour, and every half hour too. We’re not exactly sure why, but it’s somewhat comforting to hear them in the morning, if you happen to wake up early. Here’s a view of the church tower that you can see from our front steps (the photo obviously was taken a while ago, when the weather allows tourists to take flight in hot air balloons):

Our bells are in the church tower.

Our bells are in the church tower.

But now for a few current events:

Flower patrol: This morning I saw a forsythia bush in full bloom, tucked away in a quiet corner near the déchetterie that’s next to the village cemetery. I failed to take a photo because it was raining cats and dogs at the time. In any case, it means that we’ve got a nice early start on spring budding and flowering.

Restaurant patrol: Daglan’s Le Petit Paris has been open for a while, and the new Café de la Fleur seems to be going strong (and getting good reviews). Next up is La Cantine, the restaurant of Chef Fabrice Lemonnier; it opens for the season this coming Wednesday. That’s all good stuff.

Meanwhile, Jan and I are keeping a watchful eye on Sawadee, the Thai restaurant in nearby Cénac that we like — a lot. Closed for the winter, but due to open soon. Yum.

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