A step in our spring

We haven’t actually taken a step directly into full-blown spring, but the wintry weather of the past few weeks has finally ended in the Greater Daglan Area (GDA). So now there’s a bit of a spring in our step. Here’s some evidence:

  • In the mornings now, there’s no need to scrape ice off the car windows. Just turn on your windshield wipers, as it will probably be drizzling, if not actually raining.
  • When I drove to the bakery in Castelnaud on Saturday morning, to buy some desserts for lunch and some croissants for the next day, the parking lot seemed awfully full — and the bakery had completely sold out of croissants. The lady behind the counter blamed the canoeists — and sure enough, there were all kinds of canoes and kayaks ready to be put into the Dordogne River.
  • Driving to Bergerac yesterday morning, we passed the Golf de Lolivarie course, and there were players out on the fairways.
  • Driving back from Bergerac later yesterday, there were people sitting outdoors at the little tables on the front terrace of Café de la Fleur, at the south end of the village.
  • Many if not most fields in the GDA are ploughed and tilled and ready for planting.
  • There are no below-freezing forecasts in the foreseeable future, at least according to Méteo France.
  • February is just around the corner, and funnily enough, the weather in February in the GDA is often surprisingly good.


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3 Responses to A step in our spring

  1. Sarah Wilson says:

    Sounds promising! I’m looking forward to feeling those temperatures of the south-west! It’s summer here in Wellington… a toasty 19 degrees, wahoo!

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Loren – thanks for the weather update, but what we really want to know is… did you eat in Bergerac and was it good?! 🙂

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