Lose a tea room, gain a café

It’s something like one step backward, and then one step ahead. It seems definite that our village is losing its tea room, Le Thé Vert, as owners Judith and Paul Thomason have decided to sell their place and move back to the U.K. So unless new owners continue the business, the popular tea room will close. However, Daglan now has a new café, and of course my wife Jan and I attended its opening last night.

The new place is called Café de la Fleur, and it’s the project of Charlotte and Robin Chantal, who have moved here from Denmark — in search of better weather, as Charlotte told me last night.

This is a wonderful development for our village, as the café is located in what was Le Bistroquet, an inn-café-bar that became increasingly run down under some pretty dubious management, and had been on sale for quite a while. It’s at the south end of the village, and across from Le Thé Vert, separated by only a few parking spaces, the road, and a court for playing boules.

Charlotte told me they are taking their time in restoring the place, as we’re now in the (very) quiet season. But their plans include offering rooms, and a flower shop (hence the name Café de la Fleur).

For now, the bar is open, and the couple will be offering a plat du jour lunch plus various snacks and treats. At present, they plan to be open every day but Tuesday.

If you’re wondering about the lack of photos with this posting, just blame me and my luck with technology. I took some nice photos last night with my so-called “smart” phone, emailed them to Jan, who was then to forward them on to my regular email. But she never received my emails, and I assume they are currently flitting about in the Internet ether, or whatever it is.

But that’s a minor irritation. More importantly, Daglan has its bar and café again!

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4 Responses to Lose a tea room, gain a café

  1. Doug Curson says:

    Pleased to learn that place is open again and I wish it well. Many years back it was a good place to visit.


  2. loren24250 says:

    I agree, Doug. In fact, Jan and I had Christmas dinner there in 2004, when we had just bought our place here.

  3. Lesley says:

    Best Wishes to them and I hope that it all works out well. May make Le Thé Vert more difficult to find new owners.

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