O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!

Our village seems to be making good progress in putting up Christmas trees that we can be proud of. And it’s about time.

There was a period when it seemed like our village council was desperately trying to win the Worst Public Christmas Tree in the Developed World contest.

The culmination — probably the worst Christmas tree in recent memory — was the tree of 2013, as it stood (sort of) in the main village square. Here it is, in all its spindly, threadbare glory:


This is what I wrote in Radio Free Daglan at the time:

As I was taking my pictures, I saw one of our friends photographing the Christmas tree, which has become a talking point among les Daglanais. Our friend has a holiday home in the village, and had just driven to Daglan from his house in Germany. As we walked towards each other across the square, we were both grinning — because we knew we had the same thought.

“Photographing the world’s scrawniest Christmas tree?” I asked.

“It looks like the decorations were dropped onto the tree from a helicopter,” he replied, as we both chuckled.

But now we come to the new and improved Daglan offerings for Christmas — first, the main tree, in the village square, Place de la Liberté:

Behold! Our village tree of 2016.

Behold! Our village tree of 2016.

There’s another tree in place — not as tall, but nice and full. It’s in front of the recently renovated office of our Mayor, the Mairie. Here it is:

The 2016 Christmas tree at Daglan's Mairie.

The 2016 Christmas tree at Daglan’s Mairie.

And while we’re on the subject, here’s a view of the pollarded tree in front of the restaurant Le Petit Paris, complete with Santa’s sleigh mounted on top:

Santa's sleigh is stuck in Daglan.

Santa’s sleigh is stuck in Daglan.

So, now that we’ve got the choice of Christmas trees sorted out, perhaps the council can budget a bit more for extra tree decorations for next year.

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2 Responses to O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!

  1. Doug Curson says:

    The Christmas trees are improving but they are still pitifully short of decoration!
    Do have a good Christmas and New Year’s Eve – let us know how it goes when you recover!

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