Our last Thai meal — for the year, that is

This is becoming an annual event — my wife Jan and I enjoy a delicious meal in early December at Sawadee, the Thai restaurant in nearby Cénac, and then I write a blog posting about the last such meal of the year. Last year, for instance, I posted something called “Our final Thai meal (of 2015),” a title that seems awfully close to what I’ve just written for this posting.

Here’s a bit from that posting on December 7, 2015:

As in the past, the restaurant closes for a few months as the owners head back to Thailand for their annual break.

I first wrote about Sawadee in a posting of September 5, 2013, called “Thai for a change.” Since then, and particularly this year, Jan and I  have become regulars at the restaurant. We may not  eat there weekly, but we come close.

Sawadee is located at the northern edge of Cénac, a village about 10 kilometres from Daglan, just before you reach the bridge that crosses the Dordogne River. Its exterior  is nothing fancy, but the place itself is definitely worth trying. Here’s how it looked yesterday (which was warm enough, by the way, that some customers ate on the front patio):

Aw shucks -- a couple hugs in front of the restaurant.

A couple of differences this year: First, we were with good friends Elisabeth and Gerhard, who have a holiday home just a stone’s throw from our house; being with them always makes the dining experience more enjoyable. And second, we all decided to try the restaurant’s last-day-of-the season three-course special, at 30 euros each. Wonderful!

Our entrée was a lovely plate of large grilled and spiced shrimp served on a banana leaf, accompanied by three crispy deep-fried spring rolls.

Then came the plat principal, a whole grilled dorade (sea bream) with a spicy sauce, lots of crunchy vegetables, and a nice helping of rice. Here’s my plate:

Beautifully cooked, beautifully spiced.

Beautifully cooked, beautifully spiced.

For dessert, we were served several slices of perfectly ripe mango with a ball of coconut ice cream. Then we had coffees, and headed out into the chilly December air — well fed, quite content, and already looking forward to Sawadee’s re-opening next March.

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