Dishes du jour — 08 – 09 – 2016

Today’s posting simply picks up where yesterday’s posting finished. We’re still at a Sunday lunch in Bergerac, a drive of about an hour and a quarter from Daglan, at a very good restaurant called L’Imparfait. To remind you, here’s an entrance to the restaurant, with tables set out in the laneway for summertime dining:

In the heart of Old Bergerac.

In the heart of Old Bergerac.

Today I’m simply highlighting two of the main-course dishes ordered by our group of four — my wife Jan, friends Elisabeth and Gerhard, and me. First comes a roast duck breast dish that  Jan and  Gerhard ordered. They both said it was excellent, although quite filling (after Jan’s entrée of foie gras and Gerhard’s fish and chips entrée, that I featured yesterday). Here’s Jan’s plate:

Well, it's just ducky!

Well, it’s just ducky!

As for the plat principal chosen by Elisabeth and me, it was particularly noteworthy because of all the perfectly cooked vegetables that came with the cod (dos de cabillaud). For some reason, vegetables don’t always appear very prominently on restaurant plates in France, but this was an exception. Have a look:

For a French dish, this includes a lot of vegetables.

For a French dish, this includes a lot of vegetables.

All four of us came away from the meal feeling that we’d been well treated and well fed, as we were also served an amuse bouche of excellent gazpacho, and some wonderful desserts — including an incredibly rich chocolate dish that I ordered and (believe it or not) couldn’t finish. Very little was eaten chez nous that evening.


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