Dish du jour — 07-09-2016

In a break from tradition (sort of), I’m not going to devote this  blog posting to an exhaustive review of each dish that we recently enjoyed at an excellent lunch. Instead, in the interests of giving readers a quick taste of French cuisine, I’ll break down the lunch into a few sections, starting with today’s “Dish du jour,” which was an unusual entrée.

Educational moment: First, let’s deal with the word entrée. In French, it means “entry ” or “entrance.”  In other words, it’s how you enter a meal. So the right English translation would be “appetizer.” It is not, despite all the people who say otherwise (including most Americans, many chefs and even the Food Network), a main course. That would be a plat principal (in French) or main course or “main” in English. So, please, people, try to get this right.

Okay, enough.

Now on to the unusual entrée which was part of our Sunday lunch in Bergerac with friends Elisabeth and Gerhard. They were heading back to England in the later afternoon, so the timing was perfect for a lunch at L’Imparfait, in the heart of Vieux Bergerac. We ate outside the restaurant, in a little laneway, and this will give you an idea of our whereabouts:

The laneway with an entrance to the restaurant.

The laneway with an entrance to the restaurant.

The entrée or appetizer that was chosen by Elisabeth, Gerhard and me was — are you ready? — fish and chips! Usually it’s considered a main course, as you know, but in this case the portion was right-sized (as an appetizer), and it was served with a delicious little cup of velouté of peas, in place of mushy peas. Here’s my plate:

A cute-as-a-button serving of this classic.

A cute-as-a-button serving of this classic.

A few wedges of deep-fried potato, a couple of sticks of nicely breaded fish (crispy, perfectly cooked), and the rich soup. A nice start to an enjoyable meal.


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4 Responses to Dish du jour — 07-09-2016

  1. Samandjill Hershfield says:

    Chuds, in addition to getting the proper names for the parts of the meal, you should explain the French word “Imparfait”, which it thought was an odd name for a restaurant…boy was I wrong

    • loren24250 says:

      Thanks, Sam. Yes, I’d always wondered about that (we’ve eaten at the restaurant many times). So this latest time, I asked our hostess if the restaurant were named for the imparfait tense. She said no — it’s named after Cyrano de Bergerac, because he was “imperfect” (because of his ungainly nose). I’ve just done a bit of research on Cyrano and the play, and couldn’t immediately find any reference to him being called “The Imperfect One,” or anything like that. Maybe it’s buried in the text somewhere, but as I’m not trying for a PhD. dissertation, I’m giving this up. I’ll just take the hostess at her word.

  2. Doug Curson says:

    What about “Starter”?

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