Summer ends, the best month begins

As we’ve moved into September, there are signs that summer is winding down. Day-time highs are still in the 30-degrees-Celsius range, but mornings are cool. A prolonged lack of rain has started to give a dried-out look to some of the trees and lawns. (Typically, our summers are dry enough to prompt fears of a major drought, but then the rains do finally come in the autumn each year.)

One of the surest signs of the end of summer is that the fields of sunflowers that abound in the Greater Daglan Area are in the drooping stage — just about ready for harvesting.

Late this morning, for instance, I was heading from St. Cybranet to Cénac for some shopping, and stopped at this field of sunflowers, already turning fairly brown. Here it is:

A field of formerly bright sunflowers, drooping in the heat.

A field of formerly bright sunflowers, drooping in the heat.

So the height of the tourist season has passed (in fact, today was the first Monday of the off-season season that the village’s convenience store was closed).  But to my mind, this is now the best single month for a visit.

I understand that for families with children, July and August are the prime months for vacationing here. Off from school, the kids can join their parents in camping, canoeing, kayaking, horse-back riding, and swimming in campground pools.

But if you’re free from that timing restriction, September is the perfect month to visit the GDA. Restaurants are open, the weather is lovely, traffic is reduced, and the pace seems to be just right.

So, what are you waiting for?


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5 Responses to Summer ends, the best month begins

  1. humanity777 says:

    Great shot – but summer far from over – low 30 degrees in southern Ontario for another week – lots of heat left.

  2. Sarah Wilson says:

    Hi Loren, Karl and I are bringing the children over to explore next July – hopefully, we’ll get to see those sunflowers in all their glory!

    • loren24250 says:

      And more importantly, Jan and I can meet you and the kids. We enjoyed our time with Karl, but would love to meet you in person. (I’ll be the guy with the sunflower in his button hole.)

  3. Susie says:

    Ok. We’ll be there shortly.

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