Slipperies on a sunny Sunday

Graciously, the skies did not choose to rain today. Instead, the Greater Daglan Area was bathed in glorious sunshine all day — and in fact the bright blue sky and fluffy clouds remain very much in evidence as I write this, with evening approaching.

Today’s break from this spring’s rainy weather added to the festive atmosphere as we joined up with friends Rosemary and Richard for a lunch of white wine and oysters — or slipperies, as they’re known to our friends in Toronto — at Daglan’s new café, La Cantine.

Based on today’s experience, it looks like Chef Fabrice — Fabrice Lemonnier, more formally — has come up with a winner for Sunday lunches. He is still offering a full lunch menu (more on that later) but has fresh oysters ready and waiting for those who want them.

Here’s what our table looked like, as the lunch began. Aside from the trays of Marennes-Oléron oysters, we had wedges of lemon and tasty slices of bread that were thickly slathered with a rich butter and then sprinkled with salt.

The rich, salty butter was perfect with the fresh oysters.

The rich, salty butter was perfect with the fresh oysters.

For each customer who orders the oysters, a glass of white wine is offered. We accepted graciously, of course, and then went on to order a couple of bottles of Petit Chablis, all in the spirit of having a long and relaxing Sunday lunch.

I lost count of how many slipperies I consumed, along with several slices of bread, but the total must have been impressive, because I then had no appetite for a “normal” lunch. In contrast, Rosemary had a nice entrée sized serving of salmon, done three ways; Richard had rack of lamb; and my wife Jan had grilled steak. They were all quite happy.

At the end of the meal, I had a small plate of cheese (Cantal and Rocamadour), and then Rosemary and I shared a dessert plate. And then it was coffee all around (and I have to say, the coffees at La Cantine are particularly good).

And here we were at our corner table, after all the eating and drinking were done:

We happy four, we band of oyster eaters.

We happy four, we band of oyster eaters.

Of course, we are now facing a dilemma. Will we now have oysters at La Cantine every Sunday? Will we instead have Sunday lunch at Sawadee, the Thai restaurant in Cénac? Or will we alternate between the two? Not an easy choice to make.

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3 Responses to Slipperies on a sunny Sunday

  1. Doug Curson says:

    Most impressed with the oysters – looks like La Cantine must be added to the list for our summer visits.

  2. Lesley says:

    I think that you know my view on oysters and it’ S NOT funny.
    I can imagine that lovely bread and butter before a full meal would likely spoil the appetite. You do look a happy foursome.

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