Let The Season begin!

Tomorrow is the 1st of May, and with May comes the real beginning of The Season in Daglan — the start of the annual flood of vacationers that reaches its peak in July and August.

And today, Saturday, was the first day of the 2016 season for Le Thé Vert, the tea room-cum-restaurant operated by Judith Thomason. So to help get things rolling, Jan and I were there for lunch.

Le Thé Vert is a popular spot as the season rolls along, often completely filled with the cyclists who enjoy the gentle hills of the Greater Daglan Area. It’s easy to find, as it’s located at one of the main entries to our village, near the Céou River bridge.

Sadly, the weather did very little to help the occasion. Yesterday the sky had been a piercing blue and everything looked wonderful; today the temperature dropped, the clouds returned, and it either drizzled or poured. So clearly we were not going to be eating lunch on Le Thé Vert’s front terrace or the rear veranda. Ah well. Instead, Judith directed us to a comfortable table inside.

We began with a kir, and then moved straight to the food (along with a bottle of local rosé wine). I chose the three-course menu du jour at 14 euros,  while Jan opted for the chicken curry, a large serving that came with several accompaniments, also at 14 euros.

My entrée was this plate of paté maison, a tasty mixture served with some cornichons and a bit of tomato salad:

Hard to go wrong with a tasty paté.

Hard to go wrong with a tasty paté.

Jan said her curry had a wonderful taste, and she enjoyed it with a crispy poppadom. My plat principal was also tasty — it was a Rougail de saucisse, a stew of pork sausage slices in a spicy tomato sauce, served over a bowl of couscous, with small servings of three different salads on the side. Here it is:

My bowl of spicy sausage stew.

My bowl of spicy sausage stew.

We finished with a creamy individual cheesecake (for me), and coffees for the two of us.  And then it was back out into the rain, and back home.

Crummy weather aside, it’s good to have Le Thé Vert open again — along with the restaurant Le Petit Paris and the recently opened café of Fabrice le Chef, called La Cantine. We’ll be there tomorrow, by the way, for oysters. Yum.

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4 Responses to Let The Season begin!

  1. Lovely to see you both for the start of the season – hopefully not too many rainy days like that this season!

  2. Lesley says:

    Warm, cold, dry, wet, calm & windy all in the last couple of days. Our favourite eating places are, so far, reliable and consistant. Only a couple of months to go and it will be Tour de France again. We just love it.

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