Some April activities and antics

It’s not really warm here yet, but neither is it cold. So the number of activities seems to be picking up throughout the Greater Daglan Area, the GDA. Here’s a look at some of them.

Yesterday (Saturday) was the 40th running of the 100-kilometre Belvès in the Périgord Noir ultramarathon. Yes, you read that correctly — 100 kilometres. That’s more than two and a third marathons of 42.2 kilometres each.

Actually, the event includes two runs (although many participants walk). There’s the full-blown 100-kilometre ultramarathon, which starts at 8 a.m., and a regulation marathon that gets moving at 9 a.m. According to the website of the club that organizes all this, the ultra usually attracts between 250 and 500 participants, and the marathon has between 100 and 250 runners.

Yesterday afternoon, my wife Jan (who doubles as Chief Staff Photographer of Radio Free Daglan) drove up near Castlenaud and captured some shots of the runners and walkers — who, at that point, still had something like 30 or more kilometres to go. Here’s a small knot of them, having just crossed one of the small bridges that span the Céou River:

They've been on the road since 8 a.m.

They’ve been on the road since 8 a.m.

And here’s a look at one of the participants, who seems to be having a devil of a time:

Some runners seem to like wearing costumes.

Some runners seem to like wearing costumes.

A somewhat more normal activity, for tourists and residents alike, is canoeing and kayaking on some of the GDA’s many rivers.  (At the height of summer, it almost seems as if you could cross the Dordogne River by stepping from canoe to canoe.) This morning, Jan was out for a walk and found a group of kayakers out on the Céou River (a tributary of the Dordogne). Here’s a look:

Heading down the Céou.

Heading down the Céou.

At one point, one of the kayakers left his craft and jumped into the river to move a log that was blocking the way. You can just see him in the background at the left of this photo:

One of the kayakers gives a helping hand.

One of the kayakers gives a helping hand.

Since the water at this time of year is pretty near ice-cold, I can’t imagine what it felt like to stand in the river. Brave guy!


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  1. Lesley says:

    I hope that the notice on the tree was not too important.

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