A seasonal treat in Sarlat

This afternoon we were in Sarlat with visiting Toronto friends Darlene and Rob, and thought that lunch at Le Bistro de l’Octroi would be a good idea. And it turned out we were right.

I won’t cover all our food and drink choices, but instead will focus only on my main course or plat principal — a dish featuring that seasonal treat, black truffles.

The whole dish was a good-sized helping of tagliatelle, coated with a delicious light brown sauce featuring flecks of truffle. And sitting nicely on top was a beautifully seared piece of that local favourite, foie gras.

And here’s my plate:

Now that's a tasty plate of pasta.

Now that’s a tasty plate of pasta.

While we usually think of pasta as an Italian dish, the foie gras and the truffle pieces definitely turned this main course into something decidedly southwestern French. And that was absolutely fine with me.

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4 Responses to A seasonal treat in Sarlat

  1. Robin says:

    Loren, what are the goodies dancing on the rim of the bowl?

    • loren24250 says:

      At top right is a baked tomato. The other items — little blocks of stuff — are squares of vegetable “mousse,” which is how the bistro tends to serve vegetables. For example, a purée of cauliflower, then somehow turned into a reasonably solid mousse. Not sure how they’re made. They’re not my favourite way to eat veg, but they’re not bad either. Make sense?

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Loren
    Have you tried Le Presidial in Sarlat? http://www.lepresidial.fr/ We didn’t eat there but the setting looked wonderful. Would like to know if the food is as good as the location?
    By the way, pasta with foi gras is a popular speciality in Toulouse and the south west where it is called macaronade. I had it in restaurant Le Bon Vivre, http://lebonvivre.com/accueil in Toulouse where it is the house speciality; although the combination of pasta, foi gras and wild mushroom was a little too rich for me.
    Looking forward to you next blog as ever.

  3. Looks delicious, Loren — I’ve yet to really experience truffles the way you enjoy them in France. I’m a little relived that’s not a huge chunk of butter on the rim of the plate …

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