Wackiness on parade: A first look

One of the more interesting characteristics of the Greater Daglan Area is an abundance, so to speak, of young and middle-aged men who enjoy wobbling around in drag while wearing high heels.

Never is this more apparent (at least publicly) than during the Sunday parade which always takes place on the third day of our village’s four-day August  fête. (You know — the one that I call the Festival of Heat and Noise.)

I should explain that the parade always has a theme (last year, Carnaval; this year, the history of the automobile), and that no matter what the theme is, the men in drag always seem to find a way to fit in — sort of.

To kick off a few postings on the wackiness of the parade, which was held just a couple of days ago, here’s a look at one of the beauties strutting down our main street (in case you’re wondering, that is indeed a bumper-car ride in the background, set up in the main village square):

Now that's a perky lass!

Now that’s a perky lass!

Sometimes they travel in groups. I believe that this bunch was meant to be women working in a car wash (see how nicely that fits with “history of the automobile”):

Men in drag, travelling in a pack.

Men in drag, travelling in a pack.

And to close off this part of today’s report, here are a few more lovelies, walking along with one of the cars created for the parade:

Young women just love a hot car!

Young women just love a hot car!

Of course, there is much more wackiness involved in Daglan’s annual parade — and indeed the whole festival — than men in drag.

For example, there’s the fact that rides are set up in the heart of the village, which then blast out music from loudspeakers well into the night. While watching the parade on Sunday, in front of Daglan’s bakery, we got to watch this ride — on which young people spent a lot of time screaming while being whisked around in giant circles:

Round and round she goes...

Round and round she goes…

In my next posting, I’ll present some more scenes from Sunday’s parade. After all, what would life be without a dose of wackiness?

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5 Responses to Wackiness on parade: A first look

  1. Looking forward to the next group of pictures, the high heels where a first for me, they took a while to get used to, a lot of practice….

  2. Lesley says:

    The thing that bugs me is that Their legs are, more than often, better than mine. Grrrr

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