Another banner year for the village

Several days ago, the banners began going up. They were installed in just about every corner of Daglan, on just about all the street lamps and other available poles. Yes, it’s that time of the year again, when our village is taken over by the annual four-day fête.

For those of us who live near the main village square, the Daglan fête is also known as the Festival of Heat and Noise. It takes place near the end of August (which accounts for the heat) and it includes a number of rides that blast music from loud speakers until well past midnight (which accounts for the noise). Most dreaded of all is the bumper-car ride, which was just being installed in the square as I drove past it this afternoon.

This year, the festival starts on Friday (August 21) and runs until Monday evening. Phew.

In fairness, there’s one aspect of the festival that my wife Jan and I like — the Sunday afternoon parade. It always has a theme (last year, it was Carnaval), and it’s the theme that’s featured on the banners that are hanging all over the village.

Here’s how I described the parade last August:

It’s a pretty wacky, homemade sort of affair, and everyone who takes part seems to enjoy the fun. The crowds along the way join in, usually accepting with good grace the water that’s sprayed on them and the confetti that’s tossed everywhere.

Here’s a banner for the year 1985, when the theme of the parade was the god of wine:

The parade theme in 1985 was Bacchus.

The parade theme in 1985 was Bacchus.

And here’s the banner for 2012, when the parade theme was heros — such as those from Greek and Roman mythology:

The banner for 2012.

The banner for 2012.

As for this Sunday’s parade, the chosen theme is the history of the automobile. Jan and I plan to be on hand, and once again will offer a selection of photos in Radio Free Daglan. If we haven’t succumbed to the heat and noise by then.

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7 Responses to Another banner year for the village

  1. Lesley says:

    Passed through Sunday 1pm and back 2:30 ish. So sorry about the weather! In a Summer of heat and draught what bad luck for the cool and wet.

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Loren
    Just back from our two weeks in France and thought you might be interested in some restaurants we tried:

    La Table Du Leo – St Avit Senieur, small family run restaurant next to the Abbey in St Avit Senieur. Imaginative cooking which goes beyond the traditional Perigord staples.
    Villa Laetitia – Bergerac. Nice alternative to L’Imparfait & Le Table Du Marche. Not quite at their level but this is reflected in the price. Good quality and great value.
    La Gentilhommiere Etincelles – St Sabine Born. Small, unprepossessing hotel with Michelin starred restaurant attached. Totally charming. Five dishes of beautiful, imaginative food on a candlelit terrace, served by chef/owner and his wife. Thoroughly recommended.

    Also, the dining terrace at the gardens at Marqueyssac. Food is passable, but oh that view!

  3. loren24250 says:

    Thanks so much, Paul — love getting new ideas like these! Best regards.

  4. Doug Cuirson says:

    Your blog continues to be interesting and excellent but, nowadays, not as frequent as it used to be. Are you running out of steam?

    • loren24250 says:

      Thanks Doug. Yes, probably a bit — have settled into the enjoying-life stage, and so I’m less “driven” to write. But I do still enjoy the blog, and so glad that you do too! Many thanks.

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