Check the Links if you’re headed this way

If you’re fortunate enough to be heading to the Greater Daglan Area, you might like a basic introduction to the village of Daglan, places to eat, and places to visit.

Radio Free Daglan to your aid.

I’ve just added a page of Links, allowing you to check easily and quickly on restaurants, tourist attractions and more.

To use it, click on Links in the black bar at the top of this blog, and then click on any of the websites that might be of interest and use to you.

If you have any suggestions for useful links to be added, just let me know.

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4 Responses to Check the Links if you’re headed this way

  1. Samandjill Hershfield says:


  2. Paul Baker says:

    Thanks Loren

    And thanks also for your always entertaining blog, which keeps me going during the dull British winter and reminds me of our wonderful holidays in France (staying nr Issigeac this year). Through you I have discovered the delights of La Table Du Marche in Bergerac and Le Bistro D’en Face in Tremolat, now two of my favourite restaurants. Can you recommend anywhere in Bordeaux?

    Think you might enjoy this:

    Antic Disposition is an English theatre company which presents always interesting and entertaining (and well acted) interpretations of Shakespeare’s plays.

    We first discovered them a few years back in Montcuq and now make a point of catching their productions when we take our summer hols. in France. They perform in a range of stunning open air locations and it makes for a truly magical evening.

    Henry V this year, including Domme which, I think, is not too far from Daglan? Recommended


    • loren24250 says:

      Thanks very much Paul! We’ll try to catch Antic Disposition this year — my wife Jan saw one of their productions a few years back, and enjoyed it. So glad you;re enjoying Radio Free Daglan — thanks for your comments! Sorry that I can’t help with any ideas for Bordeaux; we’ve only eaten in places like airport hotels and the train station, while in the midst of travels. Never been to Bordeaux as a real “destination,” although we keep meaning to.

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