A Christmas work-in-progress

As we left Daglan this morning for a shopping trip to Sarlat, we drove up through the main square and past the war memorial, just in front of the restaurant  Le Petit Paris. Grouped in front of the large tree that grows there was the village tractor, a crane, and a small knot of people that included our Mayor.

“Aha!” I observed to my wife Jan. “The game’s afoot!”

(Okay, I didn’t really say that. It was more like “Looks like they’re doing something.”)

And sure enough, as we re-entered Daglan a couple of hours later, we saw what turned out to be a work-in-progress — namely, a sleigh full of Christmas presents, perched in the centre of the tree. Like this:

What's that? A sleigh in the tree?

What’s that? A sleigh in the tree?

Once we had unloaded our parcels at home, I returned to the square to take these photos, and found our Mayor, Pascal Dussol, admiring the work.

So I congratulated him on this “bonne idée” and said it looked lovely. M. Dussol thanked me, but quickly added that the decoration wasn’t complete — a biche (deer) was to be added in front of the sleigh, plus a set of Christmas lights. So I’ll have to return to let you see this new (for Daglan) bit of Christmas whimsy. Stay tuned.

Also on the Christmas-decoration front, the main village tree is now in place and decorated, and here it is:

Behold! Daglan's main Christmas tree for 2014.

Behold! Daglan’s main Christmas tree for 2014.

Okay, it probably won’t win the World Christmas Tree Competition, but it’s a lot better than the poor thing we had in the village square last year. Here’s what I wrote in a blog posting early in January of this year, just after the 2013 Christmas season had passed:

I’m not certain, but it could be our village’s attempt to create a new tourist attraction — something that would rival the famed Leaning Tower of Pisa.

It’s the arbre de Noël in Daglan’s main square, which I’ve described previously as possibly “the world’s scrawniest Christmas tree” (see “We’re dreaming of a wet Christmas,” posted December 22).

Here we are on January 2 of a new year, and the tree has not only surrendered to some strong winds in the past week or two, but has refused any remedial treatment. (Either that, or the village workers aren’t even trying.)

And here is how the poor thing looked:In this view, it's leaning to the right.

The poor creature of Christmas 2013.

So things have progressed in a year. And it’s great to be eye witness to progress like this, isn’t it?

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