This is Halloween?

Well, I do actually know that today is Halloween. The sky is darkening as I write this; there are candies in a bowl in the kitchen, waiting for the kids to arrive; and our carved pumpkin is on the front steps.

But the Halloweens I remember — whether they were spent in Toronto or here in Daglan — tended to be cool if not cold, and often rainy. Completely unlike today.

Today, for lunch, we drove to Trémolat (less than an hour from Daglan) for lunch with friends Elisabeth and Gerhard at Le Vieux Logis, which has rightfully earned a Michelin star. Okay, I’ve reviewed the restaurant often enough that I’m not going to rave even slightly about the food. But here’s the miracle of today: We ate outside! And it was absolutely beautiful!

So here’s a view from our table, just after we sat down, just before the glasses of Champagne arrived:

Looking out over the lawn at Le Vieux Logis.

Looking out over the lawn at Le Vieux Logis.

Now, how pretty is that? Doesn’t really make you think of Halloween, does it?

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4 Responses to This is Halloween?

  1. Deborah says:

    We tried to book lunch at vieux logis for yesterday the 31st but it was fully booked. Went instead to Hotel Le Viois in Caillac, don’t bother it was very disappointing and over priced. 135.80 for two of us ok the wine was 36 and two kirs 11.80 but we still thought it overpriced for the quality of the food.


  2. Deborah says:

    Sorry a typo it should be Hotel de Vinois

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