Busy market, big haul

After a spell of rainy weather, today turned out to be sunny — and so of course Daglan’s Sunday market was packed. At this point in August, it’s fair to say that we’re at the absolute peak of the tourist season.

Here’s a look at the market action, in Place de la Liberté, at about 11 this morning:

Daglan's weekly market in action.

Here’s another look at the market, where the focus is on food products — from cheeses to honey to fruits and vegetables and sausages:

Another view of the market action.

Another view of the market action.

Earlier in the morning, my wife Jan returned from a short shopping trip to report that the melon man from the Lot, the département just south of us, also was selling green beans grown in his own garden.  Here’s his table:

The melon man from the Lot.

The melon man from the Lot.

However, Jan wasn’t allowed to buy just enough beans for the two of us at one meal — the melon man’s  rule was that you had to buy a whole kilogram of the beans. So she did, impressed that the price was just 2.5 euros for the whole bag. At the same time, she also bought a melon, and a small basket of strawberries. Here’s the haul:

That's a full kilo of garden-fresh green beans.

That’s a full kilo of garden-fresh green beans.

And the disposition of all this? First, we had a good serving of green beans with today’s lunch of roast magret (duck breast) with blueberry sauce and whipped potatoes; the beans were delicious. (Jan gave the remainder of the beans to our neighbour Françoise, who is currently hosting several family members.) Next, we had the strawberries with a serving of Jan’s own semifreddo for dessert. As for the melon, I suspect it will show up at breakfast tomorrow morning.

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