Washed out

I guess you can learn something new every day. Yesterday, we learned that the night market in Saint-Pompon simply will not take place if the weather forecast calls for a storm.

Just a week ago, I wrote about the season’s first Marché Gourmand Nocturne in the nearby village of Saint-Pompon, and related how much my wife Jan and I enjoy it. I closed my post by writing:

Saint-Pompon’s night market will continue each Saturday night through July and August, and I have a feeling that we won’t be missing many of them. I also think we’ll continue to arrive a bit early, ahead of the crowds.

Last night we were to meet our friends Suzanne and Mark at the event, but Jan and I decided to arrive early again, to get a good parking spot. Just a few minutes after 7 p.m., we approached the village and were surprised to find exactly one car in the first parking lot. One car?

So we kept on driving, slowly, into the village. And there on the left, where all the food stalls should have been located, were a few parked cars, and none of the picnic tables we expected.

Getting a bit concerned, we parked and then went across the street to the one stand (the place for frites) that seemed to be open. And there we learned that because a storm had been officially forecast for that evening, the night market had to be cancelled.

Disappointed, but always ready for a good time with friends, we quickly phoned Suzanne and Mark to tell them the bad news, and to ask if they’d still like to get together. Of course they were keen to meet up, so they invited us to their home.

On the way there, Jan and I stopped by our house in Daglan; picked up a few bottles of wine, an ice-cold bottle of gin (for the martinis), and a couple of thin-crust pizzas from the pizza truck that’s parked in our main village square each Saturday night.

And the storm? It was not to be.

So the four of us sat on the patio of their home with its stunning hillside view, munching pizzas and other snacks with our drinks, until finally we went inside because of some light rain — but certainly no lightning. Still, I guess the night market organizers are better to be safe than sorry.

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2 Responses to Washed out

  1. Doug Curson says:

    And I’m sure you had quite as good an evening as you would have done in St Pompon – home comforts and all!

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