Physio among the roses

Try as I might, I can’t find a clear and simple definition of roseraie. That’s somewhat maddening since I’m now staying at La Roseraie, a physiotherapy clinic in the village of Montfaucon, in the Lot, about 40 kilometres from home base in Daglan.

You would think that the word means rose garden, and in  fact there is a famous rose garden south of Paris which uses the Roseraie name. But dictionaries don’t want to come out and actually confirm that. (But rosary, for rose garden, yes.)

So, just between us, let’s agree that roseraie means rose garden, because it certainly fits the clinic here.

In this posting, I’m not going to highlight all the goodies that La Roseraie offers in the various physiotherapy rooms — from weights to stretchy belts; from electrical muscle-stimulation gear to continuous passive motion machines; from rubber balls large and small to canes and walkers and skateboards and stationary bikes; plus a very toasty swimming pool; and much, much more. Including 16 masseurskinésithérapeutes, or physiotherapists, of whom mine is named Morgane.

But it’s the outside courtyard I’d like to show off.

We’ll start with one of the stars of the show, and no doubt the reason for the name of the clinic:

It's roses like this that give the clinic its name.

It’s roses like this that give the clinic its name.

In fact, the outdoor spaces that surround the building are impressively landscaped, and are even attuned to further physiotherapy possibilities. For instance, here’s a cleverly built walkway — one with small rises that look like waves, for further strengthening leg muscles:

La Roseraie's "waving sidewalk" for physiotherapy patients.

La Roseraie’s “waving sidewalk” for physiotherapy patients.

Jutting out from the main building is this circular building that houses a lot of activity. I’ve seen people in here flexing, bending, throwing balls to each other, and so on. As you can see, it’s nicely landscaped:

One of La Roseraie's spaces for physiotherapy.

One of La Roseraie’s spaces for physiotherapy.

And all around, there are rows and rows of rose bushes, not only in this courtyard but in the courtyard at the main entrance to La Roseraie.  Here’s a closer look:

A walkway surrounded by roses.

A walkway surrounded by roses.

Today being a holiday in France (Victory in Europe Day, or May 8th), there is no formal physiotherapy available. So I’m taking it a little easier, and just going on some walks down the corridors.

But you’ve gotten a break too: With my spinal surgery in mind, I came very close to calling this posting “Days of Spine and Roses.” Ouch.

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4 Responses to Physio among the roses

  1. lepeyruzel says:

    Hi Loren, you seem to be doing well at La Roseraie and your surroundings are certainly beautiful. Well done to Jan for lovely photographs. Roy and I met Jan this morning at the Remembrance Ceremony in Daglan. She showed us a picture of your scar. Wow or should that be ouch!!!! It looks pretty impressive!!!! Hope your pain is well controlled. Sending you our love and best wishes for a steady and full recovery.

    Letitia & Roy x

  2. John Ison says:

    Collins says rose garden. I envy you, slightly. When I had mine in 1989, St. Mikes sent me home 4 days after surgery with advice to find a physio. La Roserie looks lovely. And the food? Best.


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