A show-off and a (temporary) shut-down

For medical reasons, which I’ll describe at the end of this posting, I’m taking a break from blogging. You can expect Radio Free Daglan to be off the air (figuratively speaking) for a few weeks.

But before we leave, take a look at a show-off that’s growing chez nous: our single wisteria bloom.

Regular readers will remember that I have previously showed off this flower — the very first one to develop on the two vines that I planted in 2012 in front of our house. I proudly displayed it in a posting called “A first flower, featured,” just a week or so ago, on April 5 . Here is how it looked at the time:

A first look at our first wisteria flower.

A first look at our first wisteria flower.

But the darn thing has just kept on growing, and growing, and growing. Maybe it’s because all of the plant’s flower power (to coin a phrase) has been channeled into this one blossom. Maybe we’ve got a special long-flowered variety of wisteria. Or maybe we’ve stumbled upon a genetically superior wonder plant.

In any case, here’s a photo of my wife Jan holding up a tape measure to the flower, where she discovered that it’s now hit 72 centimetres in length — which is more than two feet, four inches long.

It's at 72 centimetres, and may have more to go.

It’s at 72 centimetres, and may have more to go.

I have no idea if it will keep growing. But if it does, and its super size causes enough excitement in horticultural circles, we may have a new business opportunity — putting our wisteria out to stud. We shall see.

Our (temporary) shut-down: As noted at the start of this posting, I’m interrupting my (somewhat) regularly scheduled blogging for medical reasons — namely, an operation to deal with pinched nerves in my spine. Since I won’t be feeling too sprightly for a while, I thought it was better to just accept the fact that I’ll need a break. When I return to my regular and energetic explorations of the Greater Daglan Area of southwest France, Radio Free Daglan will return as well, and you’ll be among the first to know.

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16 Responses to A show-off and a (temporary) shut-down

  1. Michael says:

    Hope all goes well and that you have a speedy recovery.

  2. will miss your blogs, Hope to meet you on my visit to Richard and Rose in June. Wish you all the best , so look forward to your return, rosemary.

  3. lepeyruzel says:

    Hi Loren, Hope all goes well for you this coming week. We will be thinking of you and we wish you a speedy recovery.
    Letitia and Roy

  4. Lesley says:

    Best Wishes to you and to Jan who will be also in our thoughts.

  5. Rosemary McCaffrey says:

    Yes, I also wish you a speedy recovery. And stay off your bicycle until the doctor gives you his full permission! Do not rush things….but…hurry back to RFD, please!

  6. Doug Curson says:

    Get better quickly – I’ll be missing your blog

  7. Good luck with your operation Loren and a speedy recovery!

  8. Suzanne Burrows says:

    Speedy recovery Loren! Take care and can’t wait for your next blog post when you’re feeling better.

    Take care!


    Suzanne Burrows Group Account Director Ariad Communications sburrows@ariad.ca | 416.646.7172

  9. Susie Wilkinson says:

    All the best to you Loren. I hope the surgery goes well, and that the recovery is quick for you. I’ll miss RFD.

  10. Sue Kirby says:

    Best wishes for a full recovery. We’ve so enjoyed reading your blog, which has kept us in touch (especially food wise!) with what’s happening in the GDA. We live in Yorkshire in the UK but have a maison secondaire near Cenac. We cycled to Daglan on Sunday and spotted your house just by the single wisteria plant, but you weren’t there! Hope you return to RFD ASAP! Best wishes Sue and Andy Kirby

  11. Sarah Ker-Hornell says:

    Patience and courage!
    Wishing you a fulsome recovery, and lots of treats!

  12. Keith Stirling says:

    All the best with the surgery. I look forward to RFD reports on the Tour de France when it is in the GDA in the summer.


  13. Wendy says:

    We have been reading Radio Free Daglan for several years. In fact, we spent 5 weeks based in Cenac a couple of summers ago. Your blog contributed to a most wonderful stay in the GDA. Since then, we have kept up with your entries as a way to stay in touch. Anyway, would like to wish you the best with your upcoming surgery and will look forward to reading your blog in the future.

    • loren24250 says:

      Thanks so much! Glad that you enjoy RFD.

      Surgery is already done — a four-hour operation on April 14 — and most of the healing is done. Now it’s a matter of physiotherapy to get back muscle tone and so on.Blogging will return before too long.

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