A first flower, featured

You’re probably thinking that the first flower to appear on a plant is not a big deal. In most cases, I’d agree. But this time, it’s different.

The plant in question is one of the two wisteria vines (or glycine in French) currently engaged in climbing  up the limestone walls on the front of our house. It’s the vine that’s latched on to the wall at the right side of the stairs.

When we planted the two vines, in the spring of 2011, the first comment from one of our friends in Daglan was simply: “You know it won’t flower this year, don’t you?”

“Well, gee, thanks for that,” we thought at the time. “Any other jolly points to make?”

It turns out that our friend was right.

And on doing a bit of Internet research, my wife Jan and I learned that it often takes years and years for wisteria to come into flower.

Now when they do, they can be pretty spectacular. Long-time readers of Radio Free Daglan may remember that when I started this blog, I used a photo of a flowering wisteria vine as RFD’s header photo. The vine ran along the front wall of a neighbour’s home, and looked like this:

cropped-daglan-neighbor-house-with-wisteria.jpgOur wisteria has some distance to travel before it reaches the majestic flowering heights of our neighbour’s vine, but it’s on its way. And here it is:

There she blossoms!

There she blossoms!

If I say so myself, it’s a darn good start. We’re very proud.

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3 Responses to A first flower, featured

  1. Lesley says:

    Planting a wiseria is a good sign that new occupants of a house and garden intend to stay.

  2. Dan Walters says:

    Hello Loren, my name is Dan Walters, dad of Gerhard your neighbour writing to you from Yzerfontein South Africa (See email yzerdan). I have met your wife in May last year when we came to look at the property. I really enjoyed your blog and are looking forward to meet you in July next when we plan to visit your beautiful town. We have friends here who wish to come and stay in a B&B for two nights to visit. Gerhard said that you will be able to assist with a recommendation and details. Thank you in anticipation. Trust you have recovered from the op. Regards to your wife. Dan & Nesta.

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