Voting day No. 1

Readers of Radio Free Daglan with long memories may remember a photo that I posted last summer of a float in the annual village parade, which is a highlight of our four-day festival, or fête. Here’s the photo:

Note the words on the side of the soap box.

Note the words on the side of the soap box.

The theme of last year’s parade was publicité, or advertising, and this entry was a take-off on OMO soap powder, complete with a bathtub on the back of the float. The phrase 0% alcool on the front of the box was a sly dig at the authorities who want to crack down on excessive drinking during the fête and similar events.

But there were additional words on the side of the box that I hadn’t noticed at first, and then wrote about in “Beneath the foam: A look back  at the fête,” which I posted on August 25, 2013:

You may recall that in my posting on the parade, I pointed out that the front of the laundry soap package on the float said “0% alcohol.” What I missed at the time, however, were the words that you can just barely see on the side of the float: Promo. Printemps 2014. Grand lessivage.

Translation: “Special Offer. Spring 2014. Big clean-up.” In other words, “Look for a big cleaning out of the civic administration during next spring’s elections.”

Well, those elections are now taking place. Today is the first of two days of voting (the second vote comes next Sunday) which will result in our village having a new council, to be in place for the next six years. Stay tuned!

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