Flowers from the supermarket

We like to keep a vase of cut flowers on our dining table, to brighten the house. And if for no other reason than it might brighten your day, I’m offering a photograph of a bunch of tulips on our table. But a couple of things to point out:

  • Tulips are my favourite flower. Make of that what you will.
  • Where I grew up (the west coast of Florida), yearbooks were very big items, and a very big tradition at each year-end was to sign your friends’ yearbooks. Two of the most corny sayings have always stayed with me: “May God and the hand of Lady Luck forever be your guide.” (Eek.) And: “There are tulips in the garden, there are tulips in the park, but the tulips I like best are the two lips in the dark.” (Double eek.)

Finally, a nod to Shopi, the small but useful supermarket in our neighbouring village of Cénac, about 10 kilometres from Daglan. As you enter the store, there is often a display of cut flowers for sale. Sometimes they are a horrible mix of flowers that are dyed weird colours. Other times, they are actually quite nice, and reasonably priced.

And that’s where my wife Jan bought the tulips you are seeing here:

Here they are -- fresh from the supermarket.

Here they are — fresh from the supermarket.

I hope these help to brighten your day. They’ve been brightening our house for several days now. And our cat Scooter hasn’t tried — even once — to eat them. How great is that?

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