Hints of spring, plus tips for new readers

Radio Free Daglan has gained several new subscribers over the past few weeks, so I thought I’d offer some tips and information for new readers. But first, here’s a quick look at some hints of spring and the warmer weather to come.

We’ve not had a particularly cold winter — for instance, no snow in Daglan at all — but it’s been awfully gray and rainy. The forecast for today from Météo France called for sunny weather, and sure enough, we got it.

Here’s proof of some actual blue sky with actual white clouds, photographed while looking upwards past a neighbour’s vines:

No rain? Hurrah!

No rain? Hurrah!

And down on ground level, the forsythia bush in front of our house has definitely concluded that it’s safe to bloom. Here it is:

The yellow blooms are all over the shrub.

The yellow blooms are all over the shrub.

Météo France says we’re not off the hook yet — there’s more rain in the forecast for the coming week — but we’re getting hopeful. And now those tips for new subscribers to Radio Free Daglan:

Timing. I try to post several times a week, but there’s no set schedule. It depends on what else I need to be doing, and whether I feel there’s something to write about.

Subscribing. If you haven’t subscribed, it’s easy to do, and it ensures that you won’t miss a posting. Just enter your email address in the “Subscribe” area at the top of the blog, and you’re done. Literally a few minutes after each new post, you’ll get an email about it. Of course you don’t have to read the post right away, but at least you’ll know that a new one was written. Depending on your computer or mobile device, you may see Radio Free Daglan as it was meant to be seen, or you’ll be able to click on the headline and be taken straight to the actual web page.

Searching for information. The “Search” function at the top right of the blog works well, and can be used as a resource if you’re planning to be in the Greater Daglan Area. For example, if you’ve heard of a restaurant and want to know if I’ve tried it, just enter its name in the “Search” box, click on “Search,” and you’ll see right away if there are any posts that mention the restaurant. (Many of my posts are restaurant reviews.) If you want to do some cycling while on vacation here, just enter “Bike Route” in the “Search” box, and you’ll see several bicycling routes that I’ve recommended, full of photos.

The header photo. Sunday morning is “weekly chore time” at our house, and one of my tasks each Sunday is to enter a new photograph as the “header” at the top of the blog. If you’re wondering what the subject of the photo is, click on the “About” link at the top of the blog, and you’ll see that I’ve identified the photo and often, when it was taken.

Objectivity. I write Radio Free Daglan for amusement and also to help visitors or new residents of the Greater Daglan Area. Put another way, I want to share the enthusiasm that my wife and I have for this part of the world. The point is, it’s not a money-making venture, and the opinions in it are mine, and as objective as I can make them. I don’t accept advertising or any other form of payment. If I write a positive review about a restaurant, for instance, it’s because my wife Jan and I had a positive experience there.

Advertising. Apparently, you may see an ad at the end of one of my blog postings. These are inserted by WordPress, the Internet company that hosts my blog (and countless others). I’ve never had a complaint about them, and I don’t believe they’re intrusive, but I thought you’d want to know that one might appear.

Your comments. I love to hear from readers, and you’re welcome to “Leave a comment” by clicking on that link at the end of each blog posting.

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1 Response to Hints of spring, plus tips for new readers

  1. Owen says:

    Hi Loren & Jan
    Finally “stumbled upon” your RFD. We were introduced to you earlier this year by Janice when we visited her chateau. Bonne chance with the relief of your pinched nerve. Cordialement Owen and Michele from East London, South Africa

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