The sun-loving cat, and Valentine’s Day notes

If you’ll check your diary, you’ll find that  I introduced you to our neighbour’s white cat Choupette this past January 7th, in a posting called “A place in the sun.” In that posting, Choupette was sitting on the peak of a garage roof next to our house. There she is, high above our street, positioned against a deep blue sky but still a bit difficult to see:

Choupette finds her place in the sun.

Choupette finds her place in the sun.

But yesterday (February 13) was more typical, because Choupette had taken up position near our house to get maximum exposure to the sun. (Yes, it did rain most of the day, but there was a brief sunny respite around noon, when I arrived back home after an errand.)

Choupette has several key places to sun herself: the roof of my car, the roof of my wife Jan’s car, the steps of her own house, the steps of our house, and the steps that lead up to the house of our friends Elisabeth and Gerhard. But here she is, up close and personal, on the roof of Jan’s car:

Choupette crouches down on my wife's car.

Choupette crouches down on my wife’s car.

As you can tell, Choupette has somewhat unusual eyes. When they are fully open, they look crossed; when she is squinting into the sun, they look closed and a bit dreamy. But overall, they are quite pretty, because they are a lovely shade of blue.

And now, here she is in one of her favourite acts — rubbing against the radio antenna that extends from the roof of Jan’s car:

Choupette enjoys rubbing against the antenna on Jan's car.

Choupette enjoys rubbing against the antenna on Jan’s car.

Sometimes she wraps herself around it so completely, I think she’s going to become stuck. But she never does. And she always manages to make it to our front door whenever she’s feeling like a snack.

The one thing we don’t allow is for her to come into our house — that’s Scooter’s territory. And knowing how fierce our male cat can be, we think it’s a lot safer to keep the two of them apart.

Valentine’s Day notes: To all you lovers out there in Radio Free Daglanland (which, by the way, may become a new département of France, depending how our discussions go with M. Hollande), Happy Valentine’s Day!

As for the staff of Radio Free Daglan, we have skipped doing the card-thing this year, figuring that 25-years-plus of marriage provide fairly solid proof of our feelings for each other.

Nor did we do the traditional Valentine’s Day lunch at Daglan’s Le Petit Paris (which opened today), because tomorrow we are driving friends to the Bergerac airport and then having lunch at one of our favourites, La Table du Marché in old Bergerac. On the other hand, we did end our lunch today with delicious desserts from the best bakery in the area, Maison Carré in Castelnaud (10 kilometres from Daglan, and well worth the drive).

If you missed my review of La Table du Marché, have a look at “Simply superb in Bergerac,” posted on April 14, 2013. It’s a great spot for a meal, St. Valentine’s Day or not.

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