A place in the sun

“Oh my gosh,” said my wife Jan as she stepped out of our front door, early this afternoon, “it’s like summer!” Admittedly, later in the afternoon she amended that to “spring.” But the fact remains — the weather has been lovely.

After what seems like several weeks of gray, rainy weather, the Greater Daglan Area has been enjoying bright, sunny skies over the past few days.

We are all enjoying the change — not least, our neighbour’s cat Choupette. Yesterday I caught a quick glimpse of her from a side window, as she raced up the stone walls of our house and the neighbouring garage, headed for the top.

When Jan and I went outside for a look, there was Choupette on top of the next door garage, enjoying her place in the sun. Here she is:

Choupette finds her place in the sun.

Choupette finds her place in the sun.

You realize that I could have called this posting “Cat on a hot tile roof,” but that would have been too cheesy. We have standards here.

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6 Responses to A place in the sun

  1. Sam Hershfield says:

    Tennessee Williams would be proud.

  2. David Toole says:

    My weather is better than yours. lol. But your food certainly has mine beat. Every time I scroll through your blog I get terribly hungry.

  3. Kevin & Shirley says:

    Looks like a beautiful day…. It’s somewhere north of -30, gusting to -40 with the wind chill today in Toronto. Choupette wouldn’t be climbing our roof today. Enjoy the nice weather.

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