The Leaning Tree of Daglan

I’m not certain, but it could be our village’s attempt to create a new tourist attraction — something that would rival the famed Leaning Tower of Pisa.

It’s the arbre de Noël in Daglan’s main square, which I’ve described previously as possibly “the world’s scrawniest Christmas tree” (see “We’re dreaming of a wet Christmas,” posted December 22).

Here we are on January 2 of a new year, and the tree has not only surrendered to some strong winds in the past week or two, but has refused any remedial treatment. (Either that, or the village workers aren’t even trying.)

In any case, here it is, looking from the centre of the village square towards the 8 à Huit convenience store:

In this view, it's leaning to the right.

In this view, it’s leaning to the right.

In case that isn’t enough to grab your interest, here’s a view from the street:

In this view, it's leaning left.

In this view, it’s leaning left.

There is already considerable buzz in the village about the municipal elections next spring. Maybe one of the counsellors will suggest forming a Christmas Decoration Committee.


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4 Responses to The Leaning Tree of Daglan

  1. Interesting development, Loren. In light of the upcoming election, which way do you think the tree is leaning?

  2. ChiefScout says:

    Charles Brun would feel right at home.

  3. loren24250 says:

    Although he would probably be known here as Charles Marron.

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