A glimpse of stocking

I trust you won’t find this shocking (as you would have, in olden days) but I thought I’d share just a glimpse of stocking.

It’s a photo from last night’s fun-and-feasting celebration of New Year’s Eve, hosted by our friends Janice and Bill in their beautifully restored medieval château on a hill high above our village of Daglan.

There’s something about New Year’s Eve that brings out the Scottish in all of us, even those of us who (like me) aren’t Scottish at all, but have the great pleasure to be married to a Scot. Since my wife Jan was born a Macdonald (Clan Ranald, to be specific) I wear a Macdonald tartan on key ceremonial occasions; my kilt is actually the Ancient Dress Macdonad.

And so here’s your glimpse of stocking, featuring the tartans of the Macdonalds, the Macbeths and the Leslies, from left to right:

Three different tartans.

Three different tartans.

Exactly the kind of manly display that you’d expect from three guys who were seriously involved in drinking Champagne, isn’t it?

And with that, we at Radio Free Daglan wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

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5 Responses to A glimpse of stocking

  1. Suzanne says:

    As my brother-in-law Stewart, the best man at our wedding, said in his speech, ‘What’s the tartan? …… probably white….!’
    A guid New Year tae ane an awe!

  2. Joanne scott says:

    What a fine display of knees. Is there a collective noun? Not a noblbly knee in sight.
    Och aye the noo!

  3. John Ison says:

    I can understand why you cropped the faces from the photo!

  4. loren24250 says:

    Yes, John, it would have simply been overwhelmingly masculine to see three such handsome faces. Knees and legs were enough.

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