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Doing the osso buco switcheroo

Today is officially the first day of winter. (Here in the Greater Daglan Area, it’s sunny and cold, with the temperature hovering around freezing — thanks for asking.) And of course, Christmas is getting awfully close. So you’re probably wondering … Continue reading

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Our Christmas tree gets pretty

It’s done. We have a Christmas tree that’s decorated and — so far — our cat Scooter has not attacked it. In fact, he hasn’t even shown any interest. In fairness, we’re having some work done on the house, and … Continue reading

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Winter wins the tug of war

Just a bit more than a month ago, I posted an article about the somewhat spring-like weather that our village of Daglan had been enjoying. I called it “Hello autumn, hello spring (where’s winter?),” and illustrated it with a close-up … Continue reading

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Our Christmas tree: We get real

For this coming Christmas, we decided to make a brave decision about having a tree, despite our cat. So we have bought an actual Christmas tree, and have placed it in our actual house, where our actual cat Scooter could … Continue reading

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My fast French Peking Duck

As November drew to a close in our village — sometimes rainy, sometimes just overcast, usually cold — there’s lots of  time for thinking. How much firewood will we go through this winter? What will be on the menu for … Continue reading

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