Gonzo! (Or, farewell to the circus)

You may remember my surprise at seeing a circus camped in the field next to Daglan’s Stade Municipal recently. See for yourself, with this photo taken last week. And yes, that is indeed a bactrian camel walking gracefully past the Cirque Piccolino sign mounted on a small trailer.

How the circus trailers looked last week.

How the circus trailers looked last week.

The big question, as I asked in my posting called “The circus comes to town (sort of),” was whether the circus would be staying a short time — or all winter.

On Sunday morning, as I drove past the field, I got my answer. All of the big trailers had disappeared, along with some of the animals and the rolled-up tents. And then in the late afternoon, I happened to drive by again, and saw that everything was cleared out. Gonzo.

So for the record, here’s how the field looked on Monday morning, when it had been returned to normal:

And how the field has returned to normal.

And now the field has returned to normal.

I have to give full marks to Cirque Piccolino for tidiness. Everything looked nice and clean, with no litter that I could see. About the only sign that the circus had been camping near Daglan for a couple of weeks was a set of tracks left in the muddy grass by the trailers and campers. As you can see below, the damage wasn’t bad.

A few tire tracks in the muddy grass are all that remain.

A few tire tracks in the muddy grass are all that remain.

I also wondered about, shall we say, the “deposits” that might have been left by all the animals — including goats, donkeys, a bull, some llamas, and a couple of hefty camels.

I’ll admit  that I didn’t look around too carefully, but from what I could see, the circus animals were well trained. Either that or the circus folks had done a good job of cleaning up after them.

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3 Responses to Gonzo! (Or, farewell to the circus)

  1. Andrew says:

    Scatology! Thank you Loren, thank you!

    If I said that I had been searching all my life to use the word “scatological” in an email (and in context), it would have an element of bull scatology about it. So I won’t.

    Just let it be said you don’t get no bullshit from RFD!

  2. loren24250 says:

    Thanks Andrew — and no “deposits” from llamas, sheep or camels either!

  3. Andrew says:

    Only poses the question (academic) about the camels whether there was one hump or two……

    I think I’m a bit too keen on lavatory humour. We English are like that.

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