Shutting down (2013 version)

Nothing says “End of Tourist Season” quite like a beautiful swimming pool with absolutely no one in or near it. That’s pretty much the story these days in all the campgrounds that surround Daglan. The campgrounds are either shutting down, or are already closed until next year.

This morning I took a short bike ride to St. Cybranet, and on the return trip passed Les Cascades, one of the larger campgrounds in the Greater Daglan Area, or GDA. And here’s what its swimming pool looked like around noon today:

Nice pool, no tourists.

Nice pool, no tourists.

Clearly, September isn’t the best time to visit the GDA if you’re a camper. But if you’re planning to visit friends or rent a vacation home, it’s actually one of the best times of the year — as I’ve written many times. Virtually no humidity, and cool nights that make sleeping comfortable. So, y’all come!

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