The Monday switcheroo

We interrupt our regularly scheduled posting to bring you a public service announcement and apology.

Public Service Announcement and Apology: By the powers vested in me (by me), I have just changed the headline on yesterday’s posting from “St. Pompon’s last hurrah (of 2013)” to “The night market’s last hurrah (of 2013).”

I made this change not because of any complaint from the Mayor or citizens of St. Pompon, but because I simply felt it was the right thing to do. My initial headline may have suggested that all the action is over in our neighbouring village for the year, when in fact I simply meant that the night-time food market on Saturdays had ended.

In fact, as you will see from the notice below — photographed this very morning on the bulletin board outside Daglan’s 8 à Huit convenience store, as I returned from a bicycle trip to Castelnaud — St. Pompon will be in party mode this coming weekend (September 6-9). Have a look:

All the action in St. Pompon for Sept. 6-9, 2013.

All the action in St. Pompon for Sept. 6-9, 2013.

I won’t translate all the details for you, but I will note that 4 jours d’animations foraine means “Four days of festival activities,” and that on Saturday at 11 p.m. there will be a Grand feu d’artifice or “Big fireworks show.” Most intriguing is the Photo villageois at 5 p.m. on dimanche (Sunday), because it suggests that a photographer may be taking a picture of all the villagers who show up; if so, that seems like a very cute and clever idea. So my apologies to our neighbours to the south if I misled readers into thinking that the fun in St. Pompon was over for the year.

I now return you to the actual topic for today, which is “The Monday switcheroo.”

This being the first Monday in September, it is time for Daglan residents and visitors to switch to a new timetable. The fact is that at this point in the season, tourist numbers have plummeted, and so businesses are changing their hours. This means that if you want to buy some essentials (food, paper towels, pretzels) you need to plan ahead, because the convenience store will not be open all day on Monday. Here’s the store’s front door as of this morning:

On the convenience store, the doors are closed.

On the convenience store, the doors are closed.

If you’d like prepared foods, or cheeses, or meat, you can’t rely on the boutique of Fabrice le Chef, because it’s closed as well on Mondays, starting today. Here’s the shuttered front door of Chef’s shop, nicely framed on the left by a postal box, which happened to be employed by Daglan’s Mayor as I took the photo:

Our Mayor posts some letters in front of the closed Fabrice le Chef shop.

Our Mayor posts some letters in front of the closed Fabrice le Chef shop.

Now you can still get something to eat and drink on Mondays (at least in September), because the village’s tea room (Le Thé Vert) and bistro (Le Bistroquet) at the south end of the village remain open. However, our upscale restaurant, Le Petit Paris, is closed on Mondays. Here it is, as of this morning:

At least the flowers are open in front of Le Petit Paris.

At least the flowers are open in front of Le Petit Paris.

On the plus side, the flowers in front of the restaurant are very much open, and enjoying the sunshine — as my wife Jan and I are. We remain in The Perfect Days, as I described our weather a few days ago, and are grateful for all the sun, the low humidity, and the relative lack of hustle and bustle.

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