Glimmers of gold

We have now entered what are known locally as The Perfect Days. (I’ll admit that by “locally,” I mean among the staff of Radio Free Daglan. But the phrase could well catch on throughout the Greater Daglan Area, or GDA.)

What constitutes The Perfect Days? Well, we’re suffering neither a drought nor a flood; it rains only occasionally, which is just about perfect. Afternoons are nice and warm (in the mid-20s Celsius, or the mid-70s American) while mornings are cool. Humidity is low. And the tourists are now thinning out, with local campgrounds showing more ground than tents and campers.

Of course the touch of coolness in the late nights and early mornings acts as a signal for trees and plants to start getting ready for the colder weather to come, and one of the earliest trees to react are the walnuts.

Walnut groves are sprinkled throughout the GDA. This morning, I went for a pleasant ride on my hybrid bike and took a few photos of some walnut trees that are starting to show glimmers of gold — their leaves turning yellow as the walnuts themselves ripen and start to fall to the ground.

Here’s a close-up of one of the trees, showing some of the green walnuts above the yellow leaves:

You can just see the green walnuts, starting to ripen.

You can just see the green walnuts, starting to ripen.

Here’s a look at a whole tree, showing how thoroughly it’s speckled with yellow leaves:

A walnut tree that's speckled with golden leaves.

A walnut tree that’s speckled with golden leaves.

And finally, one more photo of the walnut grove:

Another look as this walnut grove starts to turn golden.

Another look as this walnut grove starts to turn golden.

To my mind, this is perhaps the best time of year for a vacation in the GDA — the weather is pleasant and everything is less crowded, but the restaurants and shops are still on tourist-season hours.

Of course families with children need to vacation in June, July or August, when schools are closed. But if you can manage a vacation in late August and September, you’d be most happy with The Perfect Days here.

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4 Responses to Glimmers of gold

  1. Andrew MacFadyen says:

    As always, Radio Free Brighton takes the advice of Radio Free Daglan and will be down next week and hopes it may take the entire managerial, editorial, photographic and backroom staff of RFD to dinner preceded by a few sharpeners……

  2. loren24250 says:

    Speaking on behalf of the entire team here, we appreciate your kind words as well as your kind offer, and would be delighted to join RFB for dinner. See you soon.

  3. Joan says:

    Hoping to get to the GDA next year in September for those perfect days!! Always need something to look forward to!!

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