Double whammy

As the banner in the photo above says, we are smack in the middle of fête — the annual Ferias de Daglan or, as I call it, The Four-Day Festival of Heat and Noise. And today we have the double whammy of the regular Sunday market, superimposed on the festival.

My wife Jan and I had been unsure whether there would be a Sunday market today at all, since we couldn’t remember what happened last year.

The problem is that the market is typically held in Daglan’s main square, Place de la Liberté, and most of the square is now taken up by — wait for it — a bumper-car or dodge-em ride.  In the picture below, all is quiet because I took the photo yesterday (Saturday) morning, while the ride was silent; that’s not the case now.  (Even with our windows closed, we could hear the melodic strains of “Gangnam Style” over the bumper-car sound system a little while ago.) The bumper-car ride is on the right-hand side of the photo below:

A cyclist heads into Daglan's main square, with the bumper-car ride on the right.

A cyclist heads into Daglan’s main square, with the bumper-car ride on the right.

But not to worry. It turns out that there is a way to squeeze the various market stalls into the area next to the salle des fêtes, or community hall, and that’s what happened this morning. That same area was the scene of last night’s events, including a “Concert avec Cache Candy,” followed by a “Concert Rock, avec Shangai (10 musiciens).” Here’s the entrance to the market area, at about 11:15 this morning:

Tourists and residents arrive at Daglan's weekly market, in a new location.

Tourists and residents arrive at Daglan’s weekly market, in a new location.

And here’s another area of stalls, sitting right next to the community hall building itself:

Melons and other fruits are on offer in this area of the weekly market.

Melons and other fruits are on offer in this area of the weekly market.

The good news is that it meant that Jan could buy several things we needed, including some delicious little mara des bois strawberries for dessert after lunch today.

And now as I write this, we are waiting for the start of the annual fête parade, which is supposed to begin at 4 p.m. but never does. This year’s theme? La pub. And no, it’s not about a quiet bar in England. With any luck, all will be revealed in tomorrow’s posting.

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2 Responses to Double whammy

  1. D2 says:

    This weekend was the launch of the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) here in Toronto. Every effort is being made to revitalize the event but with Disney and Universal and Wonderland so close, the Midway and its bumper cars are not the draw they once were. “They” have tried a new approach using unique and unusual foods to draw people. This year’s big invention: the cronut hamburger, a deep-fried croissant covered in cinnamon sugar, filled with an all-beef burger patty and cheese, and topped with bacon-maple jam. A festival of Heat, Noise and Stroke. If you want one we can mail it as we think it has a half life of 10 years.

  2. loren24250 says:

    Good comparison with Daglan’s Fête! As for the cronut hamburger, I think we’ll pass. Maybe just tuck one away, and on our next trip to Toronto — presumably within 10 years — we can try it.

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