Steamed, broiled or fried?

Steamed, broiled or fried seem to be the three options facing those of us who live in the Greater Daglan Area and who are trying to cope with an ongoing, overly long heat wave.
Let me give you an idea of the heat we’ve been experiencing — and also our exciting news of a cooling trend that is supposedly heading our way.

In yesterday’s forecast from Météo France, which we receive by email every day, Thursday’s high was to be a whopping 37 Celsius. (That’s 98.6 American.) And when I went out  for a quick errand, sure enough — at 6 p.m. my car’s thermometer was indeed showing precisely 37.

In yesterday’s forecast (each daily forecast covers the current day plus the next three), Météo France was calling for 35 today, Friday (that’s 95); 33 on Saturday (91); with a sharp plunge to 30 (or 86) on Sunday. Relief in sight!

However, this morning’s forecast changed the picture slightly. Météo France said the high tomorrow (Saturday) would reach 35 again instead of the 33 it previously predicted. But then for Sunday and Monday, it’s predicting the temperature will plunge to 27, or 81, instead of dipping to 30.

Believe me, any break will be welcome. My wife Jan and I are doing our best to keep the house from getting any hotter than it already is: opening the windows to the night and morning air; shutting blinds to the afternoon sun; and minimizing the use of electric lights and the oven. (For the second lunch in a row, today I used the charcoal grill instead of cooking indoors.) Still, it is not exactly comfortable.

I am also doing my best to water the flowers and shrubs more faithfully, as we have had precious little rain — after an incredibly cool and wet spring. So far, the great outdoors seem to be doing well, without too many signs of burn-out. Here’s a view from the bicycle trail that runs to Daglan from Castelnaud, as I made my way home yesterday; the hay has been cut and rolled:

Rolls of hay lie in the fields, waiting to be picked up and hauled off.

Rolls of hay lie in the fields, waiting to be picked up and hauled off.

And here’s another view, showing walnuts in the foreground, starting to ripen in the walnut groves, while fields of sunflowers are already at their peak and actually starting to fade a bit:

The sunflowers are fully grown, and the walnuts are ripening.

The sunflowers are fully grown, and the walnuts are ripening.

Later today, it will be time to water the shrubs and flowers again, because the sun is seriously beating down on us. I can hardly wait for Sunday’s cooler air.

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2 Responses to Steamed, broiled or fried?

  1. Sam says:

    LJ, Compact florescent light bulbs keep cool and save us lots of money each month.

  2. loren24250 says:

    Good point. Must admit that I haven’t really looked for them here — for one thing, there’s a staggering range of sockets for light bulbs in France. Seems difficult to find a bulb that will fit at all, much less a more intelligent choice. Somebody really should order some standardization around here. M. Hollande, I’m talking to you!

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