No more Mr. Dark Knight

In case you missed it, we had a rainy, cool and rather miserable spring. Even in late May, as I wrote in several postings, I had to wear my Dark Knight bicycling outfit to keep warm.

This outfit starts with an item of clothing that cyclists call “bib tights” — that is, stretchy but warm full-length tights with a padded seat (for comfort while cycling) and straps that come up over the shoulders. My bib tights are black. Beneath the bib tights I wear a long-sleeved cycling shirt. Mine is black. And on top of it all is an insulated cycling jacket. Mine is black.

So with all the black, you can understand the Dark Knight appearance, especially if I’m wearing dark sunglasses and my black and white cycling helmet (or “brain box,” in cycling parlance). As I reported in Radio Free Daglan, one fellow I came across while coming back from a bike ride in May said that “…I looked more like a Storm Trooper than anyone he’d ever met.”

Well, no more Mr. Dark Knight.

The Greater Daglan Area has shot directly into full-blown summer, with temperatures running at 30 degrees and higher for days now (30 Celsius is about 86 degrees American).

In fact, my wife Jan and I are just back from a toasty lunch on a restaurant terrace in nearby Nabirat, where it became downright sweltering in the sunshine. (I’ll review the restaurant, by the way, in a posting tomorrow.)

Yesterday, Jan and I set out on our bikes just before 10:30 a.m., which friends said was much too late for tackling a 30-kilometre bike ride, which includes a long hill climb. But we did it anyway, and enjoyed the sunshine — although I will admit that it got a touch warm on the way back to Daglan.

In any case, for the record, here I am at the top of the hill that lies between Saint Pompon and Prats-du-Périgord, dressed for hot-weather cycling in shorts and a short-sleeve cycling shirt:

Here I am, at the top of the hill.

Here I am, at the top of the hill.

In fairness, I should credit this photo to Jan, Radio Free Daglan’s Chief Photographer. Not only because she took the photo, but because she got to the top of the hill well ahead of me.

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2 Responses to No more Mr. Dark Knight

  1. Samandjill Hershfield says:

    Excuse Moi Mon-Sewer,

    Ain’t it “Saint Pompont” with a T?

    Max elevation: 960 Feet high…..Wow!


    • loren24250 says:

      For some reason, the folks at Google think it’s Pompont, but they don’t seem to have actually checked with the village. No T. (Although you can get a decent cup of tea at Chez Bruno.)

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