A glorious Canada Day, and some coming events

As we awoke this morning, the sun was beating down, the sky was a bright blue, and the air was still. And then my wife Jan said those three magic words to me that all Canadians love to hear, whether they’re living in France or not: “Happy Canada Day!”

And now, to all our family and friends in Canada, as well as Canadians currently travelling out of the country, “Happy Canada Day!” from the entire crew at Radio Free Daglan (that is to say, Jan and I).

As for our day, it’s been very good, thank you very much. We began with the traditional Canadian breakfast recipe of Something With Maple Syrup on It (in our case, French toast and bacon).

Then Jan set out our Canadian flags for all the world — or at least all our neighbours in Daglan — to see. Here’s the Maple Leaf, flapping lazily from a planter on our front steps:

The Maple Leaf in all its glory, in Daglan.

The Maple Leaf in all its glory, in Daglan.

And here’s a look at our full display of Canadian flags, with two flags in planters with some red geraniums, and a smaller flag taped to our mail box:

Our display of Canadian flags on Canada Day.

Our display of Canadian flags on Canada Day.

And then with the breakfast dishes washed up, we hopped on our bikes and had a beautiful 10-kilometre ride up to Castelnaud, for coffees at the café La Plage. Given all the rain we’ve had this past spring, followed by the recent sunshine, all the trees, fields and flowers are growing like crazy and looking vibrant.

And then it was home to a luxurious lunch of fettuccine Natasha. I realize that doesn’t sound very Canadian, but the recipe is on a yellowed photocopy of an article from the Toronto Star, so I believe that counts.

Switching tack completely, it occurred to me recently that since many readers of Radio Free Daglan are people with holiday homes here, or are people planning to visit, it might be useful for me to do a weekly “Coming Events” section in the blog. So this is a first attempt at such a section, and I think you’ll be impressed with the clever name I’ve developed for it.

Coming Events. A quick review of events of interest in the Greater Daglan Area over the next couple of weeks.

  • A three-day festival. By the end of this week, it looks like one of the places to be in the GDA is Saint-Cybranet, the village just north of Daglan, about seven kilometres away. On Friday,  Saint-Cybranet will begin its three-day fête or festival of music, food and displays (July 5, 6 and 7).  We went to the fête a couple of years ago, and found it casual, low-key and relaxed; it’s worth a look. Here’s a banner for the event, overhanging the main road through the village:
A banner in St. Cybranet announces the fête to come.

A banner in Saint-Cybranet announces the fête to come.

  • Casual dining. You may remember that all summer long, the village of St. Pompon (just south of Daglan) holds a food market every Saturday night — not for you to buy produce to carry home, but so you can purchase prepared foods to eat in the heart of the village, while sitting on picnic benches. Jan and I have been to its Marché Gourmand Nocturne for the past two Saturday evenings, most recently with friends Suzanne and Mark. And now it’s time for Saint-Cybranet to get into the act, with a Marché Gourmand each Friday night, starting at 6 p.m. and running through July and August. As the banner below promises, you’ll be able to enjoy tastes from near (saveurs d’ici) and far (saveurs d’ailleurs). We just may give it a try this Friday night.
Announcing St. Cybranet's Marché Gourmand.

Announcing Saint-Cybranet’s Marché Gourmand.

  • Rock ’til you drop. Every summer, Daglan is graced with a Bodega, a one-night festival of music, dancing, food, drinking, and feux d’artifices, or fireworks. This year it’s taking place on Saturday, July 13 on the field behind the salle des fêtes, or community hall. The fun starts at 7 p.m. with a variety of food on offer (fries, sausages and so on). It then continues with a tug-of-war, and finally progresses to (loud) recorded music and dancing until — wait for it — 3 a.m. on Sunday morning. For some reason, young people are often found wandering through the village once the Bodega ends, seeming rather stunned.
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2 Responses to A glorious Canada Day, and some coming events

  1. Double D's says:

    Happy Canada Day to RFD. Are you able to obtain the ingredients for that great Canadian drink the Caesar in France? Oh and thank you for flying our flag eh!

  2. loren24250 says:

    Merci beaucoup and many thanks, Double D. Sadly, no Clamato available here. We can’t even find plain old bottled clam juice to make bouillabaisse; if we could, we’d make our own Clamato. (I’d make my Caesar with vodka, while Jan would have to use white rum or tequila.)

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