Some June 2013 ideas of the moment (food-wise)

Among the pleasures of eating at Daglan’s Le Petit Paris these days is seeing what Chef Sylvain Guilbot is up to with his idées du moment — the special dishes he creates using foods that are coming into season, or that are showing up at our local markets. These special dishes change often, and may be ordered in place of any of the items on the regular menu.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s current, based on a lunch that my wife Jan and I had earlier this week at Le Petit Paris, with friends Janice and Bill.

Fava beans have recently become widely available in the Greater Daglan Area’s markets, and so one of the “ideas of the moment” on Wednesday was soupe de fèves froide, or cold fava bean soup, served with a mixture of ricotta cheese  and persillade (the famous French garnish of chopped parsley and garlic, often made with additional herbs and spices), plus some zesty strips of chorizo sausage. Here’s my bowl of this soup:

Fava bean soup -- but with the great kick of chorizo.

Fava bean soup — but with the great kick of chorizo.

Since fresh vegetables are also abundant now, Chef put them to good use in his curry d’agneau (that is, lamb curry) served with légumes d’ici (local vegetables) and fruits d’ailleurs (foreign fruits). This wasn’t what I would call a traditional curry — in fact, the lamb seemed more like it had been slow-roasted and then placed with the vegetables and fruits in a mildly Indian-style sauce. Having said that, it was delicious. As you can see, the vegetables included carrots, peas and asparagus, while the fruits included passion fruit and bananas.

Not what I'd call curry -- but still delicious.

Not what I’d call curry — but still delicious.

Finally, could it be that chocolate is always in season? That would be fine with me, because I ordered the special chocolate dessert and loved it. Chef called it tarte au sésame et chocolat, and it consisted of a pastry base that was floating in chocolate sauce, with a thick chocolate ganache piped on to the base, and then topped with a ball of vanilla ice cream, a chocolate tuile, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

It would be hard to have more chocolate flavour than this.

It would be hard to have more chocolate flavour than this.

Needless to say, Jan and I had a very light dinner that evening.

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