Just foaling around — the colt

In yesterday’s posting I introduced you to a pretty young filly and her mom, both residing in a field that’s part of a horse farm on the outskirts of Daglan. Now let’s meet their neighbours and apparent best friends, another mare and her foal, which turned out to be a colt (to be clear, that’s a young male horse).

They were a bit less adventuresome than the mare-and-filly combination, but eventually they walked over to the fence where my wife Jan and I were standing. Here they come:

The second mare walks to us, with her foal following.

The second mare walks to us, with her foal following.

Jan managed to really catch the mare’s interest by holding out a handful of grass that she’d plucked up, and the mare was quite happy to munch away on it. Here she is, with her foal tucked in behind her:

The mare is chomping on some grass that Jan offered.

The mare is chomping on some grass that Jan offered.

Finally the foal decided to come out into the open, giving us a view that confirmed it was a he, and not a she (the evidence is not easy to see in this photo, but take my word for it):

Here's the little guy, standing proudly (behind his mother).

Here’s the little guy, standing proudly (but not too far from his mother).

And then the little colt decided to get downright frisky, shaking its head and flicking its tail as if to say: “That’s enough, folks, now get back in your car.”

Our colt is looking just a bit cranky at this point.

Our colt is looking just a bit cranky at this point.

And that’s exactly what we did. The day was sunny and bright, a welcome relief from our rainy spring, so there were lots of other sights to see and enjoy– and off we went.

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8 Responses to Just foaling around — the colt

  1. Andrew MacFadyen says:

    Loren you’ve got me worried now. Knowing the themes and scene setting that run through your blogs, is the next we will see of these horses on the end of your fork? With a horseradish foam and sculpted carrots of course…..

  2. loren24250 says:

    Hi Andrew, I have to confess I was a bit worried about that possibility myself. But I’ve seen enough riders trotting around the fields of the farm that I believe it’s really for horse riders — not horse eaters. At least I’m hoping that. But I’m no expert on these creatures. The only time I come close is when I have a bad sore throat — then I’m a hoarse whisperer. (Cue laugh track.)

  3. Andrew MacFadyen says:

    Very good! Is your straight man a paid role Loren?

  4. loren24250 says:

    Sorry, no. But on your next visit to Daglan, we can introduce you to the foals.

  5. ManTracker says:

    Well if my show hadn’t been canceled on the OLN channel I might be interested in that Colt. BTW horse has no place on the dinner plate, beans and coffee are enough for me.

    • loren24250 says:

      Welcome aboard RFD, ManTracker. Delighted to have you as a fan. I always thought that your show was simply great — especially the fourth or fifth time for each episode.

  6. Andrew MacFadyen says:

    Saddled with the role then, for a bit…… See you in September!

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