Keeping the home fires burning

Here we are, more than a week into May, and there is still a touch of coolness in Daglan’s air. So just to be on the safe side, to make sure that our house’s stone walls don’t cool down too much before summer arrives, we have a wood fire going in our salle à vivre.

Typically we keep the fire going all night, and then let it go out during the day. Fortunately, because of a big delivery yesterday morning, our garage is now well stacked with firewood.

Getting to this point was a bit of a squeaker. As I wrote a few days ago in “Juggling firewood” (May 1), our supplies had run down to virtually nothing, and we had to borrow some wood from friends who have a holiday home near Daglan.

But yesterday morning, we received our delivery of four stères, or cubic metres, of bois de chauffage, or firewood, cut to the proper 40-centimetre length, so that the logs fit easily into our poêle, or wood burner. The logs were dumped from a tractor-pulled trailer right in front of our garage doors.

After more than an hour of shifting the firewood, my wife and I had it stacked in the garage. Then we loaded up my car with some of the wood and drove it to our friend’s house, to repay the loan of firewood. And here’s how our garage looked this morning:

The garage is stacked virtually to the ceiling.

The garage is stacked virtually to the ceiling.

With any luck, we won’t need to use much of the firewood until next fall, so the wood will be able to dry out still further, all summer long.

And come next fall, we won’t let our inventory get so low before ordering more. I promise.

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