Dish du jour — 29/04/2013

While our personal budget for eating out is getting close to what economists now call “a fiscal cliff,” my wife Jan and I are persevering. So today it was a three-hour-and-forty-five-minute lunch (I know, not bad for a Monday) at Le Vieux Logis in Trémolat with friends Janice and Bill.

I have raved about this Michelin-starred restaurant sufficiently (“Feasting at Le Vieux Logis,” January 9, and “Lunch beneath the platanes,” just 11 days ago). So today I will be brief.

First of all, today we had to eat indoors, as the weather has turned a bit cool and grey (and now, at 6:30 p.m., it’s raining). Here’s a look at the lovely main dining room, before it began to be filled up:

The main dining room at Trémolat's Le Vieux Logis.

The main dining room at Trémolat’s Le Vieux Logis.

As I’ve explained before, the lunches are in the style of tapas — which is to say there are quite a few courses, of quite small plates. So after we sipped on some Champagne to begin, the plates started to emerge from the kitchen. They included entrées like a salad made up of a long, thin roll of creamy cheese that was flavoured with smoked herring and topped with thin slices of herring and miniscule vegetable garnishes, and a small foie gras platter that included foie gras crème brûlée and a cylinder of duck tartare topped with a thin curl of foie mi-cuit. Then there was the beautiful fish dish, which was a somewhat chewy piece of monkfish topped with a foam sauce and morel mushrooms. As for the wonderful desserts, they were too complicated to even mention.

But the stand-out for me was the meat dish — three perfectly cooked pieces of tender, rare steak, garnished with (among other things) tiny balls of pasta, a delicious sauce and perfectly chosen herbs. Here it is:

It's all about the beef. Well, also the other things too.

It’s all about the beef. Well, also the other things too.

Taking a long time to enjoy a meal like this, with great conversation, a lot of laughs, and the right amount of wine, is one of my favourite pleasures. As if you didn’t already know that.

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