The feasting begins!

Good friends from Toronto, Rob and Darlene, are spending a few days with us and you can guess what that means. Yes, it’s a festival of feasting.

It started last night with a dinner at Daglan’s own Le Petit Paris. I know, we ate lunch there just last Sunday with friends Nancy and Iain, but then it’s hard to have too much of a good thing.

So last night, after finishing our special Champagne cocktails, while nibbling on rillettes of pork and duck, Darlene, Rob, my wife Jan and I settled in for the main events. My meal began with this entrée:

From soup to saké to a deep-fried shrimp treat.

From soup to saké to a deep-fried shrimp treat.

From left to right, there’s a bowl of rich soup made of topinambours (Jerusalem artichokes) and topped with a garlicky oil; then a small spoon of saké; and finally a crispy roll made of rice and filled with a delicious mixture of chopped shrimps and mushrooms.

For my plat principal, I chose the cod, since this delicate, white-fleshed fish is always cooked perfectly at Le Petit Paris. (Note to foodies: Fish is wonderful in the GDA; don’t confine yourself to duck and foie gras.) This time it was served with a creamy coconut-flavoured sauce, a bowl of Basmati rice, and a spicy vegetable purée shaped into a quenelle.

The main event -- cod.

The main event — cod.

Finally, for dessert I had a glass of tropical taste treats reminiscent of a pina colada — a scoop of pineapple-coconut ice cream with a large wedge of juicy, fresh pineapple. Here it is, decorated with a piece of pineapple leaf:

My pineapple and coconut dessert in a large glass.

My pineapple and coconut dessert in a large glass.

All in all, the meal was delicious. But I have to say that lunch today (Saturday) in Bergerac, was even better yet. I’ll be describing that experience tomorrow, so keep your taste buds warmed up.

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