Sunday, lovely Sunday

It’s been raining on and off all day today. More on than off, now that I think about it. But yesterday, Sunday, actually lived up to its name because we had (wait for it) sun! And all in all, it turned out to be a lovely day here in the Greater Daglan Area.

Although the day actually started off grey, the skies didn’t seem to be threatening, and so my wife Jan headed out for a long walk. When she returned, she was absolutely beaming — not only because she’d had an enjoyable walk, but because she found this season’s first strawberries grown here in southwest France — Gariguette strawberries. The strawberry vendor had joined the other stalls at Daglan’s weekly market, and so Jan came home with these:

A tempting bunch of Gariguette strawberries.

A tempting bunch of Gariguette strawberries.

It was also a lovely day because we were due to have lunch at Daglan’s Le Petit Paris with Scottish friends Nancy and Iain. Once we were settled at our table, we each enjoyed one of the restaurant’s special Champagne cocktails (highly recommended), and set about ordering our three-course lunches.

Because I’ve written about Le Petit Paris so often, and shown off its various dishes, I won’t post many photos today. But here are a few.

First is Jan’s entrée, a rich bisque that was poured over a bowl of langoustines (a langoustine is a type of small lobster, sometimes called a Dublin Bay prawn). Here’s her serving:

Jan's serving of langoustine bisque.

Jan’s serving of langoustine bisque.

As my entrée, I chose a slice of mackerel that had been set into a clear aspic, and served with thin slices of onion. Here it is:

My meal began with mackerel in aspic.

My meal began with mackerel in aspic.

Jan’s dessert was especially lovely. It was a small bowl of prunes that had been soaked in Armagnac, and then served with lots of whipped cream. Here it is:

Armagnac-flavoured prunes with cream.

Armagnac-flavoured prunes with cream.

You’ll understand that the four of us had a lovely time, when I say we were at our table for more than three hours. And when we left the restaurant, it was into a beautiful, sunshine-filled afternoon.

This morning, to keep that “Sunday, lovely Sunday” feeling alive, I had my share of the strawberries, sliced over a bowl of Greek yoghurt and a scattering of All-Bran cereal. It was as delicious as it looks:

Nothing like a topping of fresh strawberries.

Nothing like a topping of fresh strawberries.


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One Response to Sunday, lovely Sunday

  1. Sam and Jill says:

    We ‘mericans don’t have no “bananaberries” over in these parts. Beautiful and yummy.

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