Back in the GDA, again!

Yes, there’s been a long period of silence here at Radio Free Daglan, with my last entry (“Shutting down a French village”) posted way back on January 20.  One loyal reader in England even sent an email to ask: “Has the aerial been hit by lightning? I’m missing the transmissions…”

I can only say: “Sorry about that, but there were two reasons for the inactivity.”

First was a burst of actual (that is, paying) work, with some challenging deadlines for a series of corporate reports. And second was this:

Seabirds on the beach at Anna Maria Island, Florida.

Seabirds on the beach at Anna Maria Island, Florida.

Yes, we’ve been on the beach in my old stomping grounds, the west coast of Florida — Bradenton and the island of Anna Maria, where we rented a couple of very nice beach houses. (I was a Florida boy from age 8 through high school.) In the first house, we spent a week with good friends, and in the second home we lived with son Michael and daughter Anne, and their partners Vanessa and James.  It was a great reunion of friends and family, with lots of celebration of important birthdays — including the 90th birthday of my amazingly young mother, Betty.

If the upside was fun, friendship and good feelings, the downside was that I managed to get very little exercise while packing in a large amount of food, resulting in a surprisingly big gain in my weight. So now it’s Boot Camp — a rigorous program of (occasional) exercise, and a return to the sensible eating habits that we’ve generally maintained since moving to France.

The key? Normal breakfasts, followed by the day’s major meal at lunchtime, with a very small dinner. To kick off this new regime properly, we had lunch today at Daglan’s own Le Petit Paris, and restricted ourselves to the two-course lunch — a main course, followed by dessert.

So we’re well and truly back in the Greater Daglan Area. Stay tuned, because tomorrow I’ll report on today’s lunch.

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3 Responses to Back in the GDA, again!

  1. Joan says:

    So glad you are back – was beginning to wonder where you were!! Looking forward to reading more of your food adventures!!

  2. Loren says:

    Thanks, Joan! And I’m looking forward to enjoying more food adventures!

  3. Caitlin and Albert Woodbury says:

    Missed you!

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