Fête faves — Bronze medal

Today is (phew!) the last of the four-day madness called the Fête de Daglan — which is French for “Daglan’s Celebration of Fun, Childish Amusements, and Above All, Noise!”

You think I jest? As I sit here at my computer, late on Monday afternoon, Cyndi Lauper is booming out over the village with the classic “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” That’s courtesy of the powerful sound system attached to the bumper-car ride in the village square. Which is a short walk from our house. Typically, it blasts away until 1 or 2 a.m. And believe it or not, there are people whose homes are right on the square — literally inches from the ride and the sound system.

In any case, in the spirit of giving proper credit where it’s due, as well as the spirit of the just-finished London Olympics, I will be naming my personal favourites from this year’s celebration. Using the time-honoured system of gold for first place, silver for second, and bronze for third, today I award the bronze to: The New Game in Town!

I’ve already mentioned the full-size bumper-car ride that dominates a good half of the village square. In the past, the other half of the square was occupied by a rather makeshift-looking race track, where kids would drive go-karts around at a sluggish pace, trying to look excited. But not any more!

Instead, a different ride was offered this year, featuring rocket sleds that whirl around in a circle while also moving up and down. So here it is, The New Game in Town, all set up and ready to go on a sunny and incredibly hot afternoon:

Ride 01

Here’s the new ride, with the tower of the village church in the background.

And here it is, in action:

Ride 02

The rockets are flying now!

And here’s a closer look as the riders spin by us:


Just look at them go!

You have to admit, it’s not exactly what you expect to find in the centre of a medieval village. But then, that’s Daglan for you!

In tomorrow’s post, I’ll pump up the action even more, by announcing the winner of the silver medal. One clue: It involves heroes of mythology.




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2 Responses to Fête faves — Bronze medal

  1. Paul says:

    We are amongst those who have a home are right on the square — literally and last year we became quite involved in the mayhem, I can assure you that 2 a.m. does not (did not) do it justice hence the reason we spent this years Férias de Daglan in the UK, we were not so disturbed by the noise.

    Can I assume you watched the cycle race today? One point of interest last year, an old lady was waiting to cross the road; the marshals stopped the race until she was clear, only in France.

    I don’t know if you have this link, http://www.ferias-de-daglan.com/
    I voted some months ago for “Les héros de la mythologie ou de l’histoire” as the theme for the procession. It seems to be by far the most popular option, the alternative was “Les coutumes et traditions”.

  2. Radio Free Brighton says:

    My guess is Jason and the Argonauts. Updated by Homer Simpson.

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